Hello! Welcome!

Is that how you start? Hello and welcome? Or Welcome to my blog? Without hello? Manners, I guess.

 I honestly wouldn’t know as when I stared my first ever blog, I was in a fit of rage and ranted my way through it, Surprisingly it did actually reach people. Maybe its true what my partner insists, my rants are funny.

A little about me!

Welcome to my blog! My name is Marie June but I will be using my pen name of MJ as I’m not the biggest fan of my name. That’s because I have never been gifted a cute, memorable nickname like most of my friends or family, although my nephew did have a brief spell of calling me Maroo- which only sounds cute coming from a 3-year-old.

At the time of writing this I’ve turned 30. I’m a full-time step mum to my seven-year-old son Rowan (whom I plan to adopt), I am a wife to be and a part time university student studying English Literature and Creative writing. Also I work from home for a local company and I guess now this is a job too. Blogging.

If you’re wondering about the name of the blog find out here.

Welcome to my Blog. I am MJ!

My Experiences to share

During my thirty years I think I have had my fair share of experiences, good and bad. I have experienced homelessness, to renting my first ever home, worked full time to being on benefits, I have quit, volunteered, worked without pay, worked nights in all sorts of jobs. I have become a full-time step parent but failed many times carrying my own child.

Life has chosen to throw many things at me over the years and still even now get derailed by something or other.  I’ve come through breakdowns, depression, suicide attempts and been on the receiving end of people committing suicide. I’ve beaten self-harm and eating disorders where I got to my lowest weight and ate it all back on plus more. I’ve been in abusive relationships and rebound relationships BUT finally meeting the love of my life in 2016. We moved into our family home after getting engaged and are building a future together.

During in my time I have travelled up and down the UK but only left the UK twice. I am a terrible flyer but hope to bite the bullet and tick a few more places off the list.

Blogging experience!

As mentioned before, this is my second blog. My old blog was basically an online diary space for me to moan and whine about why at the time my life was so unfair and why it was everyone else’s fault but my own and what is wrong with everything other than me. I have grown so much as a person since then but honestly never used that blog to the full advantage. It had a good readership however instead of using it to educate and help, I used it for self-pity.

What do I plan to post?

Anything that is creative, fun and encourages you, your family, your friends to have fun and make memories.

Other than sharing some of life experiences, I want to share my range of hobbies with people. We live in an age over shadowed by the wonders of technology and people often forget about world outside either in a book or in your imagination. As you may have gathered I am a creative lady. There is nothing more I love than making things, for myself, my son and for around our family home. I love spending time with my son painting and creating a world through made up stories with him. We connect more through the power of imagination than we do over computer games.

Harrys Crafty cow is also a place for me to explore myself a bit better. Being 2020 (as I write this) I’ve decided big changes are in order, for the new year and DECADE of my life. I’ve made plans to look after myself better than ever before and am currently dieting and challenging myself daily. We want to decorate our family home for the first time in two years since living here but overall I just want to end 2020 being a bit closer to the person I want to be and know I am but has been forgotten for a long time. I have plans to experience new things being good or bad because that’s life we can’t always hide from the bad. 

What’s in it for you: FREEBIES!

This Blog isn’t all about me though, Its about YOU. I want to hear from you A LOT. l know how utterly irritating it is to be bombarded with Emails to do this and that. I only send one weekly newsletter (Fridays) with some added extras for my subscribers. Also I will provide EXCLUSIVE CONTENT regularly:

  • How to videos or posts
  • FREE downloads
  • FREE crafting patterns
  • Giveaways
  • And more!

I would love to hear from you all. Tell me your idea’s and experiences. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment why not message me via my email, CLICK HERE or leave me a post on the Facebook page or follow me on Instagram #Harryscraftycow.

Overall from this blog I hope to make new friends, create a lot of memories and just have and share fun!

That is by far enough rambling from me! I hope to hear from you all soon. Once again Welcome and I’m so excited to get to know you all.

Take care

MJ x

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