Isolation hacks- When the kids get bored!

When your child is bored and Coronavirus is sweeping the world, staying in is the last thing anyone wants. But I’m not here to talk about corona, I’m here to give you some ideas to enjoy your isolation time if it comes to it. It doesn’t need to be scary or sad, it doesn’t need to be a bad thing. See it as a rare opportunity to spend some time taking care of you and your home.

Hacks if you have kids.

If your kids are anything like mine, boredom sinks in very quickly. Rowan sees staying in as a punishment and not being able to run around at the park to burn off that energy can be a nightmare at times.  With the idea of 14 plus days stuck inside parents are dreading the days filled with arguing and whining and boredom busting. Let’s be honest, there’s only so many hours can be spent playing with toys.  

At home we have a rainy day’s jar, full of activities we can do as a family when those days hit, turning frowns around and making memories.

Bringing the outdoors inside

Don’t worry this doesn’t mean playing football in the house, running around and driving you insane.  How about these:

  1. Indoor picnic- serve some sandwiches and goodies on a blanket in the living room and enjoy! Don’t forget to invite the teddy bears.
  2. Make a treasure hunt! Be creative, hide toys and leave clues! Make maps, offer treats as prizes.
  3. Make kites! Get a bit crafty and make kites to be flown when the isolation period ends!
  4. Have paper aeroplane races. Make some planes and fly them down the hallways.
  5. Make miniature gardens! If you have the items at hand, how about making miniature gardens? Plant some grass seed and flowers, make little garden scenes or even fairy houses.
  6. Indoor drive through. Have your child decorate a box into a car, Remember to make sure your child can sit comfortably and make tickets for the movie. When evening comes, turn off the lights have the kids sit in their cars (with a cushion) serve popcorn, hot dogs and drinks and play a movie. Far more fun than sofa sitting, don’t you think?

Crafty days!

How about letting the kids get mucky, creative and use their imaginations? Save those recycling bits, boxes, loo rolls, paper and cardboard.

  1. Make models! Give the kids a theme, monsters, pirate ships, robots, cars, what will they make?
  2. Dolls houses – make and create dolls houses out of shoe boxes, make furniture and decorate each room with paint, paper and drawings.
  3. Make a farm, include a barn, stable and farmhouse. Make animals to live there or use those toy animals every kid seems to have.
  4. Model town! Ask the kids to design and make their own houses for a town. Make shops and parks. Take photos of the finish things and give it a cool name.

Family time!

Make memories as a family. Do small things together, talk and listen to each other. Take photos, laugh and appreciate the time your spending with each uninterrupted.

  1. Board games! Have some board games? Get them out have a few games. Feeling creative how about making your own?
  2. Jigsaw puzzles spend some together and do a puzzle or 3.
  3. Paper games. We can spend hours playing paper games such as hangman and noughts and crosses!
  4. Have a fashion show photo shoot. Let the kids dress up and snap some pictures.
  5. Host a Lego build competition. Invite all members of the house to build something using Lego. Give a prize to the best builder.
  6. Family party. Host a party for you and the kids. Play music loud, dance, have party food, play party games, dress up. Who says you need to go out to party when you can have one in the living room?
  7. Family cooking, cook as a family, make and decorate pizzas, cakes and biscuits. Make your own ice cream sundaes choose your own toppings.

Imagination and role play!

Encourage the kids to use their imaginations! Have a role play day:

  1. Let the kids be adults and the adults be kids. Rowan used to like this game till us ’kids’ became as difficult as our mini adults!
  2. Career fun- Encourage role play in career settings.
  3. Get some items together and play shops with real money, encourage the children to count and take away. Take in turns buying or selling.
  4. Play salons. Let your child wash your hair and style it. If you’re brave enough why not let them paint your nails too or give you fake tattoos with washable markers?
  5. Play schools! Let the kids teach you something.
  6. Doctors or vets. Let your kids lose on the bandages and plasters and help make it all better.
  7. Set up a fake crime scene and send the mini detectives off to solve the case and return the stolen items. Leave clues to help them.
  8. Builders (get the kids to fix things around the house.
  9. Set up a café with real food. Get the kids to design a menu and serve you. Take in turns though and don’t forget to pay!
  10.  Witches, Wands and Wizards, pretend to magical! Mix potions and write spells, make wands and cast jinxes on the family.

Quiet time

Have a unwind day where its not all mess and noise.

  1. Share a book. Pick books and take in turns reading them to each other, let you child read along with you if they’re still learning.
  2. If you don’t want to read out loud, put on an audiobook and listen together.
  3. Mindfulness colouring. Put on some calm music and colour with your child.
  4. Write your own stories. My son loves writing and creating books for us to read. Not only reading books but comic books. Let the kids design characters and write stories and adventures. If more than one you could keep them in a scrapbook to be read.

Whatever you decide to do, lets make the best out of a poor situation. Remember to stay safe and try not to worry. For the child free hacks click here

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