DIY Stress Monsters

With the worrying time ahead with the recent outbreak or coronavirus, the world certainly feels very unsettled for everyone. This week as every parent in the UK now knows, all schools are now closed to prevent further spreading of the virus.

At first, I was okay with the knowledge, but it has quickly dawned on me the extent and the impact of having Rowan home all time to potentially September. All our day to day lives must change to accommodate home schooling. (check out our home-schooling ideas here to help keep your child on track)

Rowan is one of the rare children out there that loves school. He loves to learn; he loves to socialise and be around people. The Coronavirus outbreak has really hit him hard. He was in tears when the school closed. Mum and dad are clearly stressed about work and suddenly nanny or his cousins can’t come and play.

Not wanting to worry him more, I went in search of a fun family solution we can do at home and could bring some comfort to us and mainly Rowan.

In my search I found an idea I loved! (click here to see the original) So here’s your quick guide to make your own!

What you’ll need

Depending which method, you choose you will need different things

  • Balloons (all colours shapes and sizes)
  • Wool (all colours)
  • Sharpies
  • Flour (for flour method)
  • Funnel (for flour method)
  • Plastic drinks bottle (for flour method)
  • Scissors
  • Old playdough or modelling clay

Flour method

This I will warn can be messy! We got flour everywhere! (adults not Rowan)

  1. To begin take your balloon and pre blow it up. This stretches out the balloon and gives it more space to accommodate the flour.
  2. Funnel some flour into a plastic bottle
  3. Stretch the balloon opening over the bottle mouth and tip the flour in. (it helps to massage the balloon).
  4. Knot the balloon when your happy with the amount.
  5. Cut wool and tie to top to create hair (optional)
  6. Using sharpies draw a face or design on your stress monster.
Stress Monster

Playdough method

  1. Get all that unloved playdough together and give it a new purpose!
  2. Pre blow up your balloon.
  3. Kneed the dough and roll into a sausage shape.
  4. Stretch the balloon opening and feed in the play dough (if you have a dirty mind, this is the part when you and your partner with have a snigger in front of the kids)
  5. Knot the balloon.
  6. Kneed your monster into a shape you can work with
  7. As before cut lengths or wool and attach for your stress monster’s hair
  8. Using your sharpies draw a face.

Tada! Its as easy as that, and to be honest, these stress monsters are very satisfying to squish. I recommend them to the entirely family, and they’re so quick and easy to make you could make loads of them or give them to friends and family as a gift.  Rowan wanted to use all the balloons (pack of 50! For £1) and have an army so stress monsters. Two is enough, so when ones off duty we have a stand in.

I find them reinsuring to know if Rowan is feeling a bit stressed with everything going on, he had a way to calm it. my one named M.O.M -Mum on Mission has taken us residence in my bag for those moments of need.

Why not have a family craft hour and make some stress monsters to ease little one’s minds.

Stress Monsters!

Stay safe everyone. Stay strong. We’ll get through this together.

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