Cheesecake! In my eyes there is no better cake to make you feel good. I love cheesecake. Like a lot.

Lockdown or being grounded as I like saying is proving to be a strain on lots of us, but now is the perfect opportunity to take a moment and try one of those things you’ve always wanted to try. One thing that has topped my list for ages and yet I haven’t found the time to do, BAKING A CHEESECAKE!

I come from a household of cheesecake lovers. Before lockdown I even had a lady deliver cheesecake to me on Friday nights. I live for our ‘Cake-away.’ But with lockdown all my local cheesecake suppliers have closed. So, once that craving started kicking in, I finally made my own! Oh, my I wasn’t disappointed!

After hitting google I was soon overwhelmed with amazing recipes for cheesecakes of all shapes and sizes and flavours. I just wanted to lick the screen! I wanted to do something simple on my first try, a no bake option with as few ingredients as possible (slipping them in the weekly shop) and something that isn’t going to take long to make, I wanted my cheesecake now!


Now before I go into this, I am no professional. I did take pictures of the process but you will notice they are two different cakes, that is because the first time I was too excited and forgot to take any so I made it again for photos (and because it’s so delicious we needed another in our lives!

I followed the recipe and choose to share it. If you want to know all the dietary content of this cake, and anything else about it, follow the link below. I just wanted to share it because I like it, but all credit goes to this lady who came up with it. (Click Here) If you want to read the original.)

So, if you want to repeat this glorious cheesecaky goodness,


A large mixing bowl

Kitchen scales

A measuring jug

Wooden spoon

Flat kitchen knife

Chopping board

A food processor (if you don’t have one a zip lock bag and a rolling pin)

Loose-bottomed cake tin (recommended size 7 inches, I think mine is about 10?)

Electric Wisk (or a strong arm)


Once you have collected all that here’s your ingredients!

100g of butter

250g of digestive biscuits

100g Caster sugar

300mls of double cream (NOM)

560g of cream cheese (we used 3 packs of Philadelphia cheese which came to a little underweight but worked well)

150g milk chocolate

Any chocolate, fruit, sweets you wish you use to decorate!

Ok, so let’s get started!

To make that delicious base….

  1. Crush those digestives! You can do this in a food processor but after a stressful morning of parenting and life in lockdown I choose the more therapeutic method of zip lock bag and the rolling pin. Just give it a good smack till it’s a crumb.

2. Now melt the butter- We don’t have a microwave, so we boiled water in a bowl put the butter in another bowl and placed it in the hot water. It melted well. You can also do this in a pan, but I forget a burn thing easily-

3. Mix together till all the butter has been absorbed

4. Before the butter cools, press the mixture into the bottom of the cake tin, I used (clean) hands to press it down then pop it into the fridge while we work on the filling! (the best bit!)

Fabulous filling

Now let’s get on with the nommy filling of the cake!

1. Put all the cream cheese, cream and the sugar into your mixing bowl.

2. Whisk the ingredients together till they become thick and stiff. You can use electric whisk tools or a good arm for this!

3. Add the grated chocolate

NOTE – as chocolate melts quickly we found it easier to refrigerate the chocolate first for a few hours then grate smaller chunks instead of the entire bar.

4. Fold the mixture, making sure its well-blended and chocolateyTake the base out the fridge, spoon the mixture on top. Using a flat knife level, the surface.

5. Pop in the fridge overnight (I was not happy about this but its for a good reason)

6. Lick the bowl to get that cheesecake fix NOW- if you want to…


If you don’t want to decorate the cake, don’t its fine without, in all honesty me and the mister picked off all the goodies first then ate the cheesecake- We’re just weirdos.

  1. If anything like me- as soon as you wake up, run downstairs, retrieve the cake from the fridge and sniff it…mmm.
  2. Use a flat knife around the inside of the cake tin to loosen the cheesecake.
  3. Release the cake place on a cake stand or a plate ready for decorating.
  4. Now, go wild! Decorate the cheesecake with fruit, chocolate sweets. Press them gently into the surface. Being Easter when I made this, we used crème eggs, bunnies and mini eggs to decorate. It was amazing and you can get creative!
  5. Now serve and enjoy!
Easter cake

Its as simple as that!

Wasn’t too difficult and takes about 30 minutes (not including setting time) And a delicious dessert perfect for lockdown blues.

As I mentioned above, for a more in-depth information on this cake check out the original poster. She has the answers to all questions.

The Plan!

Now I’ve made this, I’m going to experiment with other combinations. Firstly, I want to try and make small bitesize versions. Instead of milk chocolate, use white chocolate or even dark chocolate and topping with fruit pieces.

If you do make this cheesecake, please share with me! What combinations have you used, or would you suggest using?  What is your favourite cheesecake filling? (too many to choose)!

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