Pom-pom mania! Fluffy wool balls which are weirdly irresistible. Making a come back in a big way, Pom-pom’s are being widely used to accessorise your home. Pom pillows and Pom garlands!

I hadn’t made a Pom-Pom in my life till about two weeks ago. I’d seen some cute Pom themed kids crafts to try with Roman and purchased a maker. Following a YouTube video I made my first ever Pom. It was wonky and fell apart because I tied it too loose but I was addicted.

Lets craft!

My latest Pom-Pom craft is the one I wanted to share. I have always loved wreaths and wanted one on my house, I opted to make my own instead of spending a fortune buying one. It was easy cheap and looks beautiful hung in the hall way. Interested? Read on!

What you’ll need

A polystyrene wreath to the size you require – you can purchase these cheaply from craft stores such as hobby craft for a round £1- £5. They come in different sizes, the one I’m using is 12”.

Wool– you can be as creative as you wish. Wool now days come in all colours and thicknesses. Chunky wool is soft and makes the poms larger but are a bit more expensive. I opted for double wound wool and rainbow colours. Look online or in local craft stores for wool. It ranges in price depending on what you’re looking for. The wool balls I used cost £1.39 each.

pom-poms wool

Pom-Pom makers– you can get these on eBay or in craft stores. You can buy them individually or in packs of all 4 sizes available. The set I bought from our local Yorkshire Trading cost £5.99 for all 4 sizes.


Glue gun and glue sticks


Sharpie or marker pen

How to get started!

you may feel you won’t need to take some of the steps I did so feel free to skip them.

1. To start I took my wreath and measured out equal spaces around it, taking in to consideration the amount of colours I wanted to use and marked them off with a sharpie. This helps when sticking your poms down.

2. Once happy I set aside the wreath and began making the poms!

How to make Pom-poms!

Take your first wool and open up the maker.

Wind wool around one half of the maker till covered to the amount you require. The more wool the fluffier your Pom.

Snip the end and repeat to the other half of the maker

Snip the end and close the device. It should resemble a woollen donut.

Turning the maker to the side you will notice a gap as shown below.

Snip with the scissor along this gap.

Repeat to the other side.

Lay your maker down, taking some extra wool or I like to use embroidery thread and wind it around the centre of the device as shown, pull the wool tight and knot it.

Now carefully open the device to release the pom

Trim to get the desired look or shape.

3. This step is the most time consuming. You need to make the required amount of poms. I used different size poms and made 6 of each colour, two medium sized and two smaller, the smaller ones worked well in any gaps that were left. In all I made approximately 80 poms, with a few left over.

4. Once you’ve made and shaped the poms, I found it easier to arrange them in groups of usage, because my wreath is rainbow, I put the poms in colour order so I wouldn’t have to search for them.

5. Heat up the glue gun, make sure you have spares at hand, you may use a lot!

6. Start sticking, making sure you leave no gaps!

7. If you wish to hang it, attach a ribbon in the required place or hang as I did, on a nail in the centre of the wreath. I think this looks better!

pom-pom wreath

There you have it! Cheap easy and fun to do! You’re very own pom-pom wreath! These make perfect gifts and with a little help a good project for kids to try!

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