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Can’t go outside? Nor can anyone. What’s more annoying we don’t have a garden. I can’t just chuck rowan outside to burn off that energy or to give me a moments break. No such luxury.

This week I really started missing the outdoors, seeing people on Instagram playing in gardens, having BBQ’s and soaking up those spring rays. I was sulky and jealous and continued to argue and convince Rowan to chill the hell out! Why can’t we have a garden and have this fun that other families are having? Its not our fault we can’t sit in the garden in a tent and read and have fun! Why can’t we have a BBQ and eat alfresco? Cut the grass and enjoy the spring flowers popping up.

Brain wave

In my sulk I remembered my hairdresser’s patio garden and the pots that welcomed you, bright and colourful MINI GARDENS! She made mini gardens in plant pots with little houses, they do look beautiful. Loving the idea, I decided today is the day I do the same!

Fortunately, we have spare pots and soil I bought before Lockdown. Herds and grass seeds to grow for out guinea pigs and to start our own kitchen herb garden. Oh, Happy days!

Raiding the craft box, I collected some supplies and set to work, making a miniature shed out of lolly sticks and collected pebbles. Once gathered I thought about that I was going to do! Pintrest is a fab source of ideas as ever. 

Feel like having a go?

 Here’s how to make you own!

Its easy! Really, you can make mini gardens using bits from the neighbourhood or around the house.

What will you need:

A large pot for your garden



Pebbles, rocks, and stones

Small toys for decoration

What else you could use

Lolly sticks

Garden wire

Small logs


Teacups (make cute houses)

Recycling (plastic bottles, caps


Fimo (to make your own figures and garden tools and decorations.)





Anything outdoorsy

Let’s get Green!

This is how I began: everyone may feel to do it differently but if you don’t know how to start, follow my simple steps!

  1. Put the soil in your pot and get planning! Plan where you want grass and to grow flowers and herbs. Plan where you want to put ‘buildings’ and paths.
  2. Put down the paths! Use pebbles or sand or gravel to put in your paths. Press them into the soil, you now have a clearer map of where things are going to go.
  3. Start making those decorations. (see below)
  4. Put your decorations in! It’s now taking shape.
  5. Plant those seeds! Divide up areas to plant those seeds. Think about where you want grass to grow and plants to be. Think about how it will look once its grown and if you’re be happy with it.
  6. Top with extra soil to make sure the seeds are covered.
  7. Water!  Move the pot into a sunny area of your home or in your yard. Keep an eye make sure its not too dry or hot.
  8. Wait and observe. Rowan had loads of fun looking at the garden everyday waiting and looking for shoots to pop through. Spring is the perfect time of year to start!
  9. If want to later, you can add, replace and change your garden around. Add some Lego figures or make new furniture. Change fences and add more plants or herbs.
  10. Have fun, be creative!

Decoration ideas!

  1. Make a lolly stick shed. Trim lolly sticks to the size you require and glue together with a glue gun. It doesn’t have to be perfect!
  2. Using the ends of the trimmed pieces you could neaten off paths, creating miniature fences. You can paint this if you wish to give your garden colour but varnish to save the paint running when watering.
  3. Using garden cane and string make a washing line! Cut out mini clothes using scrap fabric to hang on the line!
  4. Using Fimo or other oven baked clan, mould some miniature garden tools! A wheelbarrow which can hold water or even soil. Make a small
  5. watering can to leave outside the shed. You could even hang a tiny Fimo hose pipe on the side of the shed! Don’t forget to add the tap!
  6. A toothpick rakes. Cute up toothpicks (getting rid of those sharp edges and glue to make a mini rake.
  7. Create a pond. Dig out a small area, use cling film, a small plastic dish, or plastic wallet cut up to hold water. Bed into the soil well before adding water. You could add some Fimo fish or a gnome for a cute extra!

Have fun!

Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, its all about having fun, doing something new and experiences! Make one or many around your home, leave one on a friend or family member doorstep as a surprise.

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