fish tank

These last few days have been very fish-y, if you excuse the pun. a lot of fish themed crafts have been swimming through my mind playing havoc and trying to break out!

It bagan with a boy wanting a pet

Rowan this week of home schooling had the exciting topic of animals, mainly pets! Our household is full of furry friends already. Myself having grown up keeping a mini zoo of animals from, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits to cats, dogs and even a sheep. We are an animal family!

After a week of studying and looking at interesting pets, Rowan asked for his own. Well, we already have a Labrador, two cats and two guinea pigs (which rowan begged for months on end for, we got and turned out his scared to death of) We decided now isn’t the best time.


Rowan was dishaeartened by our deciction but understands a pet is a big responsibility and even if it were his own mum and dad will need to also take some responsibility too, for when his not here, or at school and even paying for its food and keep.

He took it bravely but I knew he was sad. He’s shown great interest in animals for a while now, loves the cats and dog so much and wants them with him all the time, I can relate to his want and urge to have a companion.

A box and thread

I was sat in the craft room, mulling over the pet situation, staring at a box when the idea swum into my mind…

Fish pets without the feeding

Here’s how to make your own fish aquarium

What you need

  • A box (any kind really, a shoe box or package box)
  • Scrap paper
  • paints
  • glitter glue
  • sticky tape
  • scissors
  • invisible thread
  • Google eyes
  • blue paper
  • glue
  • crafting edged scissors (optional)
  • sea shells (optional)
  • decorative stones (optional)

First the fish tank!

Every fish needs a home! so lets start there!

1. First take your box and cut off all the flaps! Fish tanks don’t have flaps!

2. pick a paint of your choice and paint the outside of your box. you want to do the top and the sides that will be on show. you can paint the entire outside if you wish but because the back and bottom wont be on show we left ours.

Fish tank

3. Leaving that to dry, take one of your box flaps and draw some fish templates using a pen. Don’t forget to make them all different sizes!

4. cut out the templates and leave them to one side! its time to work on the aquarium some more!

5. either gluing directly to the back of the box or using a separate piece of card, stick down blue paper using PVA glue. PVA makes paper wrinkle giving the effect of water ripples. and leave to dry again.

6. lets work on the bottom of the tank. There’s so many options for this, let your imagination go wild! Rowan and used decorative stones, glitter paint and sea shells to give it a beach feel! Use glue to stick any items down so they don’t fall out. Leave to dry.

Add fish, not water

lets get making those fish!

7. Bring back those templates, gather your paper and start drawing, make as many as you want in your tank.

TIP Scrap paper is amazing for this as you can make fish of all patters and colours, we used some mirror can, scrap music sheets and even old book pages! these all make for some interesting looking fish!

fish craft

8. Add google eyes!

fish crafts

9. Using crafting scissors (with a patterned edge) use green crafting paper and cut strips to make sea weed. You could also tear strips if you don’t have craft scissors. Glue this to the back of the tank.

10. using invisible thread, cut required lengths and sticky tape your fish, making sure the invisible thread is on the back. Get creative and hang you fish at different levels, you can also stick more than one fish to each line.

Fish craft

11. Tape your thread to the roof of the tank, making sure your happy of the position of your fish!

fish fun!

Finishing touches!

TIP You could use pipe cleaners and twist into coral and poke in to he bottom of the tank!

You can add anything you want to your tanks! Real sand, Lego figures, modelling clay crabs, tissue paper jelly fish or even little tank ornaments, get creative and give you paper fish a fabulous home!

Fish tank!

Making it a memory

IDEA you could use, sand, shells and other items you have found on a holiday or day out to make it into a memory tank. cut the fish out using photos and post cards to display in your tank.

kids crafts

This project is ideal for kids! if you don’t like fish, how about birds or even dragons! Get creative! use your imagination, get messy and make memories!

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