Home schooling has become a bit of a bore this week, anyone else had enought now? Rowans bored of us and to be honest I’m bored of him (in the sense of being a teacher) I’m tired of thinking up a hundred ways to entertain him now and its boring for both of us. Mostly we’re letting TV teach him and jigssaw puzzles and lego. Its been harder since I’m working full time and James is in charge of teaching.

Fish theme

On completeing our most recent weekend crafting session (Fish tank) Rowan wondered allowed what it was like to go fishing. Our neighbour is a regular fisher, (his dad and I not) and so our new game was hatched!

A fishing expirance with a learning twist. Want to make one? see below!

What you’ll need!

It really is easy an you dont need much at all!!

  • Coloured card or paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun or super glue
  • Garden canes
  • Paper clips
  • Magnets
  • A pen
  • String or wool

Lets make some fish to fish!

1. Draw fish shapes on to the coloured paper or card, you can make as many as you like (we made 20 so its easier when it comes to math!) and cut them out

fishing fish!

2. Slide a paperclip on each fish!

Lets make a rod!

3. Take your string and cut a good lengh and tire the end to the top of your garden cane.

4. Glue a magnet to the other end of the string and leave to dry! Thats it you’re all set! lets play!

How to play

IDEA 1 There are many ways you could play this game, one being just a s a fishing game/ Rowan was happy to sit on the sofa catching his fish from the washing basket, it kept him busy and quiet for a while!

IDEA 2 Play with others! (you may need more fish!) Hold a fishing competion and play agsint ofthers, fish till the pool is empty and count who caught the most!

IDEA 3 Hold a timed fishing competion \9 you could give out real prizes!) Use a stop watch and set for a minute and see how many fish you can catch, make a chalk board leader board and see who is the fishing champion!

IDEA 4 Maths challenger! This was a bit of fun that actually turned out to work well!

  • Take all your fish and either write a number between 1 and10 on each fish (so if you have 20 fish, you should have 2 of each number)
  • Either use a dice, pull paper out of a hat or make cards with the add, subtract, divide or times signs on.
  • get your child to pick a card (roll dice, of pick a sign from the hat) at random, then its time to catch the fish!
  • Your child should then catch two fish, read the numbers on the fish and work out the sum.
  • Example if your child picks a times card then fishes a 5 and a 3 (5×3)

Why not try it yourself and have fun twist on homeschooling, and don’t forget

Make a Mess and Make Memories!

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