The cute pompom marionette craft

What do you think of Ozzie? His a cute, soft, fun marionette which you could make!

What is a marionette?

We’ve all seen or heard of Pinocchio right? The wooden puppet that wanted to become a real boy? He was a marionette. These fun and often disturbing puppets are stringed which allows its master so move the limbs and give the appearance that the puppet is real and living- creepy right?

My puppet past

When I saw 8 I had a slight obsession with puppets. I have no idea why but I used to love them, Making them have voices and actions that I wouldn’t normal do myself. I had a couple of my own and made many odd sock puppets (at one point having my own farm yard of finger puppets) and even had a glove puppet names scamp. He loved cereal and biting my brother.

My first experience with them was, I had a marionette dog called Tommy who was made of plastic and walked and moved and wagged his tail.

TOMY YU-U-ZO CHATBOT Personal Robot Pink Omnibot Japan Vintage Space Toy -  $275.88 | PicClick

He was amazing and I loved him. Then one day in my stupidity decided he didn’t want to be a puppet anymore and cut him off his strings. After that moment he didn’t have the same appeal.

Next I was given a fuzzy monster marionette from my cousin who had outgrown him. I was 9 and ‘fuzzwold’ (I Know right) became my best friend. I practiced with him day and night and got really good at giving him a personality, he was wall and came to my hip, so I was able to pat his head and make him walk with conviction.

Pink & Purple VIZI Fluffy Monster Marionette String Puppet Toy | #1779060091

One terrible day fuzzwold’s string to his head snapped. I cried and cried, my grandad couldn’t fix him right so that was the end of him.

My first real craft

I was 9nyears old, browsing the usual crafting section of my school library when I found what was to become my first ever real craft. A marionette make of loo rolls. I was so excited. I checked out the book.

That weekend I had a friend stay the night, after school, we headed to the mall and bought supplies, collected a happy meal and went back to my house and began crafting in our new puppets in a blanket fort. It was a utter disaster and i felt really disappointed that we couldn’t get it to wok, in the end we quit till now!


Ozzie came to me in a day dream, when I was remembering that sleepover with my friend, someone I still talk to now and remembering a time when we could at 9 years old go to the mall alone. The thing that stuck with me was the unfinished craft. sitting down with a note book I sketched out a design and ladled what I could use…Ozzie was born!

If you’re interested and want to make an a marionette with your child, read on!

To make an Ozzie you will need

  • Wool
  • Pompom makers (two different sizes
  • Felt
  • Cardboard
  • Paint or coloured paper
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • PVA glue
  • google eyes
  • 2x 2p coins
  • Needles (for yarn)
  • 2 large lollysticks
  • Ore (ask and adult to use this, Tis very sharp)
  • invisible tread
  • Sticky tape

Lets get crafting!

1. Make a large pompoms using the makers. For instructions to how click here. These will be your marionettes head and body.

TIP- Leave the Pompom ends long , when making the body and head, these are perfect to make lets and a neck.

2. Before releasing your pom from the maker, tie invisible through the pom’s centre, making it long enough to later be attached to the cross bar or hand controller.

3. Draw and cut out feet from cardboard. They need to be big enough to glue on your 2ps.

3. cover with coloured paper or paint.

I glued my feet to paper then cut around them again

4. using a needle or ore, make holes in the feet (the heel)

5. Thread the ‘legs’ in to the feet, making sure the lose end is underneath the foot. Use a needle to help. Knot the end to secure or tape.

6. Using the smaller pompom maker, make a smaller pompom to be your marionettes head. Repeat the first tow stages remembering to keep a length of wool for the neck and to tie the invisible thread around the poms centre before releasing from the maker.

7. Attach the neck to the body using hot glue, hiding the join in the fluff of the pompom. TIP – Tying an extra length of wool, I was able to braid the wool to make a thicker neck, you could also thread beads along the neck or legs of you choose, this gives the puppet more weight too)

8. Give your puppet some features, glue on eyes, a beak, wings and a tail if you wish, you could make him a hat or her a bow. Be as crafty as you want and make it your own! TIP Give your puppet pal a trim around the eyes so he or she can see!

Making Ozzie come to life

The next bit can get tricky but have patience and preserve! it will be worth it in the end!

9. Hot glue your lolly sticks together to make the hand controller.

TIP- if you have washi tape or a pen, mark which way is up, or it will become confusing and your puppet may get tangled.

10. using the ore or a needle, carefully puncture a small hole in each end of the cross.

TIP be gentle as the wood can split and break. try not to apply too much pressure, the wood is soft.

11. Following the drawing below, attach the head and the body to the hand controller, making sure your happy with the position of the body and height of the head.

Should look like this

12. Using a needle thread invisible thread through the feet and attach to the hand controller, making sure the resting position isn’t tense but lose. To help with weighing down, glue 2p pieces to the bottom of each foot.

13. Before tying off the tread on the handlers cross, play about with the thread lengh, see what works for you and what doesn’t when happy, knot the threads and name your new friend!


Now you have your new little buddy, practice making him walk, eat, drink, dance and other actions, give him emotions! Feeling brave? Make more so his not lonely, put shows on for your parents, friends and family!

If you’ve tried this make

Have you have tried this make or any other the others featured on our site, share your work on our facebook page or instagram using the #harryscraftycow hashtag. I would love to see it!

Make mess! Make memories!

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