Memory Frames

Memories are so precious, something you’re going to treasure throughout your life. In an age of technology we are finding new ways to store our memories away on harddrives, memory cards and on computer save clouds.

My nan

My nan was a hoarder of memories, she literally filled her house with trinkets, had shoe boxes filled with leaflets and postcards from places shed been to and had suitcases filled with photographs. I used to love spending days are her house, admiring her trinkets and listening to the stories behind them, although 50 years old, still new in her mind as the day they happened.

This rubbed off on me at a very early age, I began collectiong small things that reminded me of a time or place from pins to postcards to keeping journals filled with details and small trinkets i find improant, be a napkin from a swish resterant or a shell from a beach. Even now I do this, collecting Rowans art work and school work filing them away for the day his 18 and i can show him.

Memories mean alot

Lockdown 2020 has made memories more important than ever. Losing people to the pandemic has been hard and the memories of those people will fade over time without assistance to keep it strong. Thsts when I came up with memory frames.

A meaningful frame that not only keeps your photos safe but itself a reminder to the memory itself.

To Make yours

Think about the memory you want to treasure. Do you have a photo or any small trinkets to go with it? do you have a colour that reminds you of this day, words, phrases ect? Gather them together and we’ll begin.

The memory I’m using is that of last summer a beach walk we had on a hot saturday, I got sun burnt! but it was beauitful.

To get started, what you may need:

  • A photo frame, any size, shape will do
  • Spray paint
  • items related to your memory
  • glue
  • paint
  • a hot glue gun and sticks

1. Take your frame, remove the glass and spray paint to ypour choosen colour, we went for a nice blue for the sea and sky. Leave to dry. This doesn’t take long.


2. Once dry its time to decorate! As ours is a beach memory, I used glitter glue for sand.

memory frame

3. Next using a glue gun, I glued on sea shells from our day out.

memories framed

4. Once dry replace glass, add a photo and dispaly! Thats it!

Other ideas

  • You could print photos from your compute and collage them around the frame, use mod podge to seal and for a shiney finish.
  • if you have tickets from an event or travel expirance, use them on your frame!
  • Kids can get creative! let you child lose on the craft box and decorate the frame as a gift.
  • Remember a lost loved one by decoating the frame with items and things that remind you of them, be a a favorite sweet wrapper, a printout of song lyrics, a favorite colour.
  • For a pet frame you coulp print your pets paw prints in animal safe paint and glue on an old coll,ar or name tag!

The possibilies are endless! Have a go!

If you’ve tried this make

If you have tried this make or any other the others featured on our site, share your work on our facebook page or instagram using the #harryscraftycow hashtag.

Make mess! Make memories!

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