This little mouse took me down memory lane in the process of her making. This little off cut mouse, was supposed to be (well still is) started as a new toy for our cats, as a celebration on being ‘ours’ for fives years now but it turned in to more…

The beginning

I have a jar of off cut fabrics, which sit waiting for use every day. Its lonely and crying for usage. On noticing this sad jar, I remember its my cat Blues, 5th year with us. He had his birthday 8 weeks ago, but this week was his first week home with us and five years later, his still a loving family boy, with gorgeous stripes and beautiful green eyes.

I looked and the off-cut jar and decided to make Blue an off-cut catnip mouse and share it all with you of course).

Memories of Mimmy

As mentioned during the making of the mouse, I received a vivid childhood memory of my Mimmy mouse. Mimmy was a pick woollen toy mouse which my nan had make for me, and my grandad told me had lived in the back of the fireplace but wanted to live with me. I was three ears old and this small pink little mouse went everywhere with me, I kid you not. I think Mimmy was the bane of my mother’s life, especially when my little mouse went missing. Such memories with my grandparents with this little toy.

Replacement Mimmy

I can’t quite remember what happened to Mimmy, but I remember my nan making me a replacement some years later, but this Mimmy wasn’t quite the same and became lost and forgotten.

About 9 years ago before my nan became plagued with dementia, and my grandad had sadly not long passed, my nan asked me about Mimmy. She told me how she hated it. Mimmy was a crotect project gone wrong but I’d fallen in love with her, so she gave her to me.   

Nan said she’d make me another Mimmy, sadly she not got to.

Off cut Mimmy the mouse

This little mouse doesn’t have to be a cat toy if he/or she isn’t destined to be so. If you have a small child that falls in love with it, let them keep it, and build fond memories like I had of my grandparents and my own Mimmy mouse.

Your mouse could be a helpful little pin cushion, or a trusted desk companion. He could be made from old clothes and turned into a memory mouse or be a child’s pocket companion.

How to make your mouse!

What you will need!

  • Offcut fabrics
  • Needles (one for sewing and one for embroidery)
  • Stuffing
  • Pins
  • Catnip (optional)
  • Bell (optional)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors

Lets get making!

  1. To make your mouse, first you need to either draw out a template of download and print the one at the bottom of the page
  2. Cut out the templates
  3. Using the templates, draw the shapes onto the fabric you wish to use
  1. Cut these out!
mouse pieces
  1. Pin the project together (the flat straight edge will be the top of your mouse) remember the mouse will be inside out so if using patterned fabric, this should be on the inside.
mouse body
  1. Sew the tail first folding the fabric in half and sewing along the open edges
mouse tail
  1. Pin it to the mouse’s bottom to be sewn and secured, the tail like the pattern of the fabric should be inside.
  1. Sew the mouse together (I’m using a running stich, but you can use any you wish as this will be inside) Leave a gap in the top of the mouse so can be stuffed and turned right way in.
  1. Once you have sewn all the pieces together, turn your mouse right way in TIP use a pencil to ease the nose into shape, being careful not to tear the fabric
  1. Stuff your mouse to the constancy you require. TIP using a pencil you can push stuffing into those tight to reach places.
  1. If you’re making this for a cat, add the catnip.
  1. Sew the top of the mouse using a ladder stitch

Now add the features

  1. Pinch the ear and sew onto the mouse
  1. Using embroidery thread, add eyes (you could use wool too, or soft toy plastic or glass eyes too)
  1. If you wish, add a nose and some whiskers! TIP I cannot embroider, that’s why I cannot go into detail of what I did, but here are many YouTube videos on How to if you wish to learn!

There you have it! Remember It doesn’t have to be perfect. In perfections give a make character, which make them more lovable. I’m a terrible hand sewer and I’ve never attempted embroidery before in my life, a lot of this was luck! I’m very happy with the results and so are my cats.


Share your mice

If you have tried this make or any other makes featured on our site, share your work on our facebook page or instagram using the #harryscraftycow hashtag. We’d love to see your handy work.

Make mess! Make memories!

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