Hamilton Bear

Hamilton bear wasn’t my planned craft this week. I’ve been so busy with work that I crashed out for a day, ate junk food and decided to watch Hamilton (on Disney Plus) on the iPad in the craft room. I was supposed to be cleaning up my ‘crafting math’ (all the rubbish and leftovers) when this musical took over and I was hooked, and an idea merged.

Two and a half hours later, I was at watching the closing credits and sat with a little bear on my desk.  I love random crafts that come to mind, and you just made them.

Jerry Bear

When I was younger, I visited a toy shop shortly after my nan moved far away from us. My grandparents growing up were my hero’s, I spent most of time with them at their house and them moving away was hard. I missed them, and I found myself very lonely and lost. In that toy shop I found Jerry bear. Jerry was a tiny tin teddy. So small he could live in my pocket. It reminded me of Mimmy my mouse, long ago lost and of my favourite book at the time, The suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson. The Girl Andy in the book had her own toy Sylvanian family’s rabbit called Radish that lived in her pocket and was a comfort to her when she needed her.

My comfort

Jerry became my ‘Radish.’ He lived in my pocket and in those moments or really missing my grandparents, I would talk to tiny teddy Jerry and feel him in my pocket when I felt anxious or sad.

My grandparents

My grandfather died 8 years ago, my nan now lives in a care home as her dementia has taken over every memory and she no longer live in our world but is lost in her own. Watching Hamilton, the musical this week brought back so many memories of watching musicals with my grandparents. They introduced me to them, and I’ve loved them since, Cats being the one my grandad and I treasured watching together the most.

I started to miss them a lot. Then I remembered Jerry and I missed him and the comfort he brought when I missed my grandparents. I lost jerry years and years ago. I came to the realisation ‘You can make one!’ So, I did.

Hamilton T Bear

I gave Rowan the tiny bear after I made him. Rowan now has Hamilton as his comfort bear. He loves the tiny bear and playing with him and putting him to bed at night. He fits in his pocket and I’ve overheard them talking and playing together.

 If you want to make this tiny bear the template to make Hamilton is free! (download at the bottom of the post) Sizes may vary depending on the size of the tiny you are using if you chose to make him a bed.

What you need!

  • A Tobacco tin or a small container for your bear to live in (this is optional, but a fun extra if you’re making this for a child)
  • Off cut fabric
  • Felt squares in a colour of your choice
  • Needles (for sewing and embroidery)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine (optional you can hand sew the entire project)
  • Ribbon
  • stuffing

Let’s make a mess!

Let’s start with our bears beds!

1. Using a felt square of your choosing, measure and cut on a sheet for the base of your container. You can do this by either drawing around your container and cutting off excess fabric or measuring and drawing out the sheet to the measurements you have (my template fits a standard sized tobacco tin).

2. Glue the sheet to the base of the tin!

bear bed

3. Cut out two rectangles with measure the width of your tin or container. This will be your teddy bears pillow!

bear pillow

4. Pin together making sure the pattern is on the inside

5. Sew around the edges using a running stich, remembering to leave an edge open.

6. Turn the pillow in the right way and stuff with filler.

7. Sew the open end closed.

Next let’s make our bear a snuggly blanket.

8. Cut out a large rectangle out of fabric, this should be slightly bigger than the container, make an inch larger al round if your edging frays.

9. If required, pin the edges of the blanket and sew, this will stop the fabric fraying. I used a sewing machine, but you can hand stitch this too.

Hamilton Bears bed is ready! Now lets make our bears!

bear bed

10. Taking the felt square draw around the template twice and cut out

11. Pin together the two pieces

NOTE as the bear is small and the fabric tough, we won’t be turning him inside our meaning the stitches will be on show- don’t worry about this! It gives your bear character, if you wish them to stand out choose a colour that stands out against the colour of your felt.

12. Sew around your bear making sure not to leave any gaps where the arms and legs join the torso.

teddy bear

13. Leave a gap for stuffing!

14. Stuff your bear, using a pencil to push filling into the tiny limbs

15. Once satisfied with your bears bulk, sew him up

16. Taking a embroidery needle and embroidery thread, give you bear two eyes and a nose (again I’m not an expert at instructing embroidery, I literally make it up as I go along, but you can find great tutorials on YouTube if you wish to learn how to.)

17. Give your bear a bow or decorate how you wish (you may want to give him clothes or sew on a different colour belly)

Now put him to bed! You’re done!

How cute is he?

Other ideas for your bear

  • You don’t have to make a bear, how about making a rabbit like radish, or another animal?
  • You could try and make a tiny rag doll with wool hair
  • Make a pocket pet or a tiny cat or dog
  • You could make accessories! How about some tiny wire glasses if you’re feeling adventurous? Or a tiny teddy bear for your tiny teddy bear!

Download your template FREE here

If you’ve tried this make

If you have tried this make or any of the other makes featured on our site, share your work on our facebook page or instagram using the #harryscraftycow hashtag. We’d love to see your handy work! Maybe your work will be shared on the website’s gallery!

Make mess! Make memories!

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