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Creativity can be found in many ways including video games! In the modern age, creativity has been found and mastered in ways we’d never imagined! Minecraft is a great example of creative gaming as well as one of my favourites Animal crossing!

The sims games are the games that started all my gaming. I loved the sims from the very first moment I loaded it on my windows 98 and built my first house and killed my first sim. (by accident I swear), over the years I have found the sims a great space to live out the life you dream of, build your dream home and create stories as well as act them out. Now with nifty knitting the ability to add a creative edge.

nifty knitting

For those not familiar with the game, let me briefly tell you about it. The sims are a virtual reality game where you create a character, build their house and design their lives. You can be creative in these games more so with the newer editions. The sims 4 has added some much new unseen content that has never been seen before in the games. From building and designing your own shops, vets’ practices, hospitals, parks, university dorms, island homes, and other community lots as well has giving a designer endless possibility to play with life.

Some featured I JUST LOVE

  • Glass roofs- Making greenhouses in gardens became a big thing for me when this freebie update landed earlier this year.
  • Sims 3 custom content – This isn’t in the sims 4 and I do miss it, the custom content option gave you endless opportunities to decorate your home, furniture with your own designs, it was amazing!
  • The new Create a sim- Oh my gosh, the sims 4 creating a sim options are insane! You can actually make the sims look like actual people, its so much fun going on the community gallery searching a celebrity you love (or hate) and adding them to game, you can really date that celebrity you date in your head- Robert Downy Jr. anyone?
  • Ladders! Sadly, this has been amazing for building roof gardens, one of my favourite things to do.
  • Nifty Knitting- we’ll get to why I love this pack so much shortly.
nifty knitting the sims 4

The Crafting games!

So, as you can see, I’m a bit of a die-hard simmer!  So, I was so excited when back in November 2019 Maxis announced a new game in which everyone can vote on! Excited much! Even more so when the first winner was the idea of an arts and craft pack. The sims have always added arts and craft hobbies to the game but never had a pack devoted to it.

Nifty Knitting

Nifty knitting the new game pack released 28th July, it has added crafting décor to the game as well as the knitting skill! I was so excited to read about this amore excited the day before my partners birthday to be treating myself to this pack! Its £9.99 from Orin store or £7.99 on the PS4 store. (we got both!)  Here’s my review!

My sim family

the sims 4 nifty knitting

First let me tell you about my sim family. It began 4 years ago, and I basically started the game by making my partner and myself and lived our best life. We had 10 kids! (not happening in real like-never ever!)  and we lived a long happy life together. James died by being caught out cheating at work trying to get a promotion and ended up being demoted. He got so mad he died of what I call a heart attack leaving my sim self and real self-devastated! I wasn’t expecting that!

Anyways we brought him back from the dead and 4 generations later brings us to my current sim family, James and I’s grandson, Dylan, his wife Elizabeth and their last son (out of 8). All the other kids have moved out and stared their own families, the latest baby being a surprise….So any way both my sims are not far off retirement, Dylan works as an marine biologist and Elizbeth retired early after working as a master chef for most of her life, retiring to spend more time at the family home, gardening and expand on her creativity.

Building the craft room

I built the new craft space in the house’s attic area, I used Items from the game pack, I loved the options and the way it can be built to resemble your current craft spaces or your dream spaces. (that’s what I did) I played about for a little while to make it how I imagined my own dream craft space. I love the rocking chair and really want one in real life so was excited to add this to my game straight away.

My thoughts

At first I admit, I was a bit unhappy with the amount of items available in build and buy mode, there isn’t a great many items although they are all cute and make a craft room look genuine, the only interactive items being the rocking chair and the knitting bags.

After playing the new skill for a while, my thoughts changed. The number of items you can make via knitting is unreal! There is colour options and styles and you can add the clothes items to your wardrobe to be worn later in the game!  This is the first sims game that allows you to make baby grows, meaning you can finally dress your newborn into something other than the plain clothes they’re born into.

You can also make décor items. I love the toys. I am obsessed with the penguins! You can knit several items to decorate your house, from plant pot covers, and mailbox cosies. Depending on the skill level you can unlock more and more items to make and if you don’t like them undo them and start again!

If you have too many and want to make some money sell it on Plopsy. Sound familiar? Check mine out here.

Its a must!

Overall, the game is defiantly worth it, if your dying to have a in game crafting space. The rocking chair interactions are sweet, elders can reminisce, and you can rock your children in it. As a crafter and sims lover it’s a must have for the sims experience

nifty knitting
Baby delivered by a ghost

If you’ve tried this make…

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