Lovely weather for some lolly stick crafting!

Well, the sun has finally made an appearance! Lovely hot weather, toasting our skin, getting a back-garden tan and trying to make 2020 that bit better. With heat comes those gorgeous cooling aids in the forms of ice creams and ice lollys! and well sticks!

What do we end up with? A lot of lolly sticks. Lolly stick crafts has never been my favourite thing. I mean it’s a stick what can you do with it? Well, a lot apparently!

A lot of sticks…

In my crafting years and purchasing crafting kits, lolly sticks have always come with them and I’ve never made use of them. I suppose I could have used them for what they are attended for…Ice lolly’s but where’s the fun in that when you have the plastic reusable ones?

Instead of using them I’ve been filing them away to a single draw in my desk till I couldn’t fit in anymore. Nightmare.

Pinterest has the answer

So, this week, I sat at my desk with my iPad and turned to my favourite inspiration page Pinterest. How great is that site? After having a snoop around for a little while, writing and doodling some ideas I came up with some cute crafts to try and share with you, most importantly EMPTY THAT DRAWER! 

What will you need?

It’s a good idea to collect a few things before starting.

  • A lot of lolly sticks! You can buy coloured ones, natural ones, and even giant ones!
  • Washi tape or decretive tape
  • Sharpies
  • Card
  • tape
  • String or wool
  • Hot glue or wood glue or PVA
  • Decorative paper of your choosing
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes

Kids Craft- Rainy day stick people!

We had a lot of fun doing this craft as a family. We all made some (including dad!) and made stories, a puppet shows and now even hired our stick figure characters as bookmarks!

This quick craft can encourage the imagination, storytelling and a great way to keep the minion’s quiet.

All you need for this make

  • Some lolly sticks
  • Washi tapes or decorative tapes
  • Sharpie pens

Let’s get crafty!

  1. Grab a lolly stick and a few of your favourite washi tapes.

2. Wind the tapes around the stick imagining if they were clothes, shoes or funky animal furs or feathers.

3. Once finished, with a sharpie (fine point would be best) doodle features for faces, feet, claws, paws or monster faces. Be as creative as you want!

That’s all! How fun and easy was that! And each design and character will be unique!


There’s can also have other uses

  • Dolls for a paper dolls house
  • Bookmark people
  • Puppets for a show -Use an old shoe box and create a theatre
  • You could make some of each member of your family, frame them in a box frame and write your names underneath creating fun family art to be treasured along with the memory of the making.
  • Glue some magnets on the back and stick to the fridge!
  • Make a card for a friend or relative, adding a pocket to the front of the card, place you lolly friend to it and give to someone else to treasure.

If you’ve tried this make…

If you have tried this make or any of the other makes featured on our site, please share with us! You can do this on our facebook page or Instagram page use the #harryscraftycow hashtag so we can find you! We’d love to see your creations.


If you of your child would like to see their arts or crafts featured in the site gallery email a photo to along with your child’s first name and age and any notes that can be captioned!

Make mess! Make memories!

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