A lot of lolly sticks later and still crafting!

As mentioned before in my crafting years are not something I have used before. I suppose I could have used them for what they are attended for but where’s the fun in that when you have the plastic reusable ones?

Instead of using them I’ve been filing them away to a single draw in my desk till I couldn’t fit in anymore. Not so much now as We’re getting through them.

So, over this last week, I sat at my desk with my iPad and turned to my favourite inspiration page Pinterest. you can find mine here by the way. and began my mission to empty the drawer but make some amazing things in the process.

What will you need for lolly stick crafting?

It’s a good idea to collect a few things before starting especially if you want to .

  • A lot of lolly sticks! You can buy coloured ones, natural ones, and even giant ones!
  • Washi tape or decretive tape
  • Sharpies
  • Card
  • tape
  • String or wool
  • Hot glue or wood glue or PVA
  • Decorative paper of your choosing
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes

Another idea for the kids! This is a great little make for kids as a gift to friends or family or just as a bedroom make.

You’re going to need

  • Lolly sticks (who would have guessed?)
  • Washi tape
  • A bulldog clip
  • Hot glue
  • Magnets (optional)
  • Duct tape or wood/PVA glue
  • A photograph
  • Buttons

Let’s make this!

  1. First you will need your lolly sticks! Pick a few of your favourite washi tapes and cover the lolly sticks! Its as easy as that!

2. Arrange your sticks face down and stick together either with glue or duct tape!

3. If you’ve used duct tape add another lolly stick to the back to keep the others straight and still. Use hot glue, PVA or wood glue to stick.

4. Turning over the frame attach a bulldog clip to the top with hot glue.Glue on some decoration.

5. Place your photo in the bulldog clip!

TIPS– you can attach a string at the back to hang your frame or even like we did a magnet to stick to the fridge!

I think that is my drawer officially empty now! I think I have enjoyed my lolly stick experience a lot more than I expected and found a few fun family crafts to enjoy.

If you have tried this make or any of the other makes featured on our site, please share with us! You can do this on our facebook page or Instagram page use the #harryscraftycow hashtag so we can find you! We’d love to see your creations.

Check out our pintrest for more awesome ideas!


If you of your child would like to see their arts or crafts featured in the site gallery email a photo to harryscraftycow@gmail.com along with your child’s first name and age and any notes that can be captioned!

Make mess! Make memories!

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