Happy autumn everyone! Today were going to celebrate my favourite time of year by making a paper-plate autumn wreath for your home with your little minions!

I always get so excited when it comes to autumn and I don’t really know why, I just love the feel of the cooler air, seeing the changes in the trees, all those beautiful colours that blend! Ugh its perfect!

To capture and bring those shades into the home, Rowan and I have made our very own Autumn themed paper plate wreaths to hang in the window. Super easy to make and a cheap alternative to a shop bought ones, this wreath is a perfect item to dig out once a year and remember those moments you spent together making it for years to come!

Autumn wreath

What you’ll need!

  • Paper plates! Any size, we used smaller ones!
  • Tissue paper in autumn colours
  • Felt (optional)
  • Leaf decoration (optional)
  • Ribbon
  • A pine cone (you can collect these on a nature walk if you have a tree locally or purchase them from craft stores like Hobby craft)
  • Any other materials you think you could use! The options are endless! (see below)

Lets make our autumn wreaths!

  1. Take your paper plate! It doesn’t matter what size you use all will work for this craft!
Autumn wreath

2. Cut out the centre of your plate giving that wreath look!

Autumn wreath

3. Using different colours, tear tissue paper into the desired shapes. or you could cut out leaf shapes or use a paper punch!

4. Using PVA or a glue stick, collage the colours-on to your autumn wreath. Remember PVA dries clear so don’t worry about mess!

autumn wreath

5. Using felt cut out leaves! This is optional. You could use real or fake ones if you prefer.

6. Stick these on!

Autumn wreath

7. If you wish, use autumn leaf confetti to decorate our wreath. You can find this at local craft stares or on online shops such as eBay.

autumn wreath

8. Using some ribbon tie a simple bow and glue to your autumn wreath.

9. If you have a pine cone add it for the ultimate autumn feel for your wreath.

10. Using more ribbon or string add-a hanger at the top of your your wreath securing it at the back with tape.

Showing off your autumn wreath!

Hang in a window or on a family room wall! They all look amazing well done!

Other autumn wreath décor ideas!

  • You could use real leave dipped in wax to preserve the colours
  • Add acorns (if you can find any!)
  • Use glitter or glitter glue for that shiny shimmery effect!
  • stick on twigs or tree bark if you can find any from a walk, you’ll always be reminded of this time you spent together.

If you’ve tried this make…

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Make mess! Make memories!

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