Have you ever had a week like a ‘not my week?’ At least my first journal post on the blog will be an interesting one! Well this week hasn’t been my week at all, I wouldn’t say the entire week has been a write off, just a day which has spiralled my mood down and out.

Why isn’t it not my week?

Well the short answer is, I may have lost my job this week. Yep. As sad and pathetic as my job is I love it. It’s two days out the house, and my boss is awesome! He lets you do whatever you want as long as the job gets done. I watch movies! Listen to podcasts all day. What other job apart from working for yourself do you know that lets you watch movies all day?

So anyway, My boss and my other boss do not get along in the slightest! I feel like a child caught in a divorce when they argue as i work for both doing different jobs. The job I am losing I do at the plastic factory where as the other is based at home. So basically two bosses fell out, boss number one lets call him Jim has decided to move his half of the factory miles away back to Scunthorpe. How do I know? I asked….

Not my week continues

Well this news obviously has upset me greatly. I like Jim. We have a laugh and is honestly in my 30 years the best person I have ever worked for. The other boss, lets call her Mavis. is nice in some terms. I mean shes supporting my Tommy’s Fund and doesn’t have to and she once long ago when I was homeless offered to pay for the deposit on a house for me which I declined but found was a generous offer. Mavis can be a ball breaker though, she is Russian and an ex doctor to you can imagine. She is a big black Labrador dog lover which puts me in good terms and that I’m the only female worker employed and I do just as much as the men proves something!

With this news heavy on my heart I was panicking about finances. who wouldn’t. Losing this little job puts us down £500 a month. Not only that obviously i have personal bills to meet which now James will have to pay off for me as my other wage doesn’t quiet make the cut. So you can see I have been a anxious ball of nerves.

Mid week madness

Apart from the job loss, this week I don’t know hasn’t felt good. There’s been a few iffy moments and Rowan’s miss behaviour hasn’t helped. I got my face mask exemption card through on Wednesday and I don’t know what’s worse! I have massive panic attacks wearing face masks so I haven’t been shopping in months properly. A quick in and out of a shop fine but I feel like I’m suffocating with a mask on and trust me I’ve tried them all. After my last panic attack I applied for a card and was granted it. I’m not trying to be an arse, I just want my life back a little more than being trapped at home because I’m scared to wear a mask because of panic attacks.

I have my card and I tried it out and well, I think I’ll take the panic attacks! The way people stare at you!, I have no idea what to do about it! I am not the only one with a card but clearly people think I shouldn’t have it. My god, I think I died from 30 odd people yesterday (If looks could kill) Looks like Jim and Mavis fall out is the least of my problems!


My brother and his family sound like they’re shouting ‘no my week!’ Their old blue Staffordshire terrier Bruce is sadly ill. Now he is old, Dexter my nephew wasn’t even born when i met Bruce for the first time and even then I think he was two or three years old. I love him. His the biggest softy ever. He’s like a big blue bear who just wants and cuddle, whose only crime is he loves too much. I received a phone call from mum sating my brother and kids were in bits. Bruce would have to be put down, his back legs have given up.

As you can imagine the family are devastated as the kids. They took his yesterday to see the vet and he has a trapped nerve on this spine which is making him collapse. He has to take some tablets this weekend and hope he improves. If not sadly when he returns on Monday we believe he wont be coming home again. Fingers crossed for Bruce!

At home

Well small things at home have got to me this week also. Rowan as mentioned has been awful as ever. he got in trouble at school yesterday for asking another kid to smack his bum in the bathroom! For god sake why can;’t you be a bit normal? His dad was fuming yesterday as he woke him up as rowan was in the bathroom singing at the top of his lungs. it would have been okay if it wasn’t 5.30am and baring in mind, our family bathroom is on the ground floor and and we’re in bed in out bedroom on the third floor. You can imagine how loud he was being and we have have neighbours. Next door can sneeze and you hear it. James wasn’t impressed.


Will try and end on a high here. Today is our 5th anniversary! James and I have made 5 years together and I have no idea how we have done this but we really have. Hoping today will be a better day all round and this life starts to perk up again.

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