My favourite way to spend chilly autumn evenings is curled up with a blanket watching a Halloween movies or reading books with candles flickering around the room. sets a nice open fire feel mood doesn’t it? Why not set the mood and make some of these autumn candle holders.

Not only are these a quick easy make, but they do look beautiful flickering away on the mantelpiece or window sill.

What you will need for a autumn candle holder

  • Jar
  • Fake or real leaves
  • Mod podge/pva
  • String
  • Fake tea-light candle.

Let’s craft!

1, Lets begin our autumn candle holder by selecting a jar. Now this is a personal choice as every jar appeals to a different person. So adopt the right jar you feel is going to work the best for you!

2. Give it a clean! TIP if you get that sticky glue left over from a jar label, use baby oil and rub on it. This will remove it with ease.

3. Now paste on the leaves! To begin with I used to Mod podge but found it wasn’t working to great, I switched to PVA and found it worked better, and once dried covered the jar in mod podge.

4. it should look something like this when finished, leave it to dry fully before continuing.

5. Wrap string or decretive ribbon around the jar lid lip and secure with glue.

6. Pop in LED tea light

7. switch on and enjoy!

Love your autumn candle holder?

Over the month of October I will be showing you haw to make more autumn themed goodies for kids to enjoy and you to enjoy!

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Make mess! Make memories!

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