This week is very hard for me despite the fact its baby loss awareness week. This is the week before we lost Harry and my hopes and dreams of my little boy died with him. Baby loss awareness is more important than ever and is something l am passionate about.  Losing Harry was so so difficult and it shocked I’d never heard of a silent miscarriage before that day. The wave of light is a beautiful way to remember our smallest ones and shine light on a subject we should be talking more about.

baby loss awareness week

What is babyloss awareness week?

Baby loss awareness week is a entire week in October dedicated to raising awareness and end the stigma of talking about miscarriage and baby loss. The three main aims of the week long campaign is Remembrance, Raising awareness and driving change!

This year baby loss awareness is focusing on the isolation many feel or felt when a miscarriage or a baby is lost. Even more so after the pandemic. I can relate to these feelings strongly and even though I was surrounded by caring family, friends and loved ones, I still felt so very alone in my grief.

You are not alone. You are never alone.

What is the wave of light?

The wave of light is the final part of baby loss awareness week. It asks all families and friends from everywhere to come together at 7pm and light a candle in remembrance of all the lost babies. Some places near you may be holding an event or you could join the virtual event here .

How can we get involved

There is so much you can do! its pretty open and sadly this year with Covid a lot of the usual event have been cancelled. Alot of events have moved online. Get involved how you can. Telly our story, wear a pin badge, put up posters!

Look for local events online and join in or simply light a candle at 7pm and leave it for burning for an hour and remember those little lost lives.

My Harry

Our sweet boys memorial in our room

We lost our son the week of baby loss awareness week. It was the date we found out he’d passed and I was later hospitalised for an assisted miscarriage (see here for more information on this) So this time of year is far more important. I am doing a fund raiser to support Tommy’s baby charity and have so far raised £180.

Next year I want to hold a baby remembrance something locally, hang something in the town square with the local counsellors help and raise more awareness. Since I lost Harry, I can relate to all this and how so many women feel. I didn’t realise till it happened to me.

Read more about our story here


I know there wasn’t really much point to this post and I do agree. I’m not the best the person to talk about it to. I am biased, angry, and sad that I am the 1 in 4 woman to lose my son. I am angry i cannot talk about him and that things need to change!

For information that might actually be helpful about baby loss awareness week check out the website here

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