Today, writing this I am sat at my desk thinking over this year. I have just finished listening to Michelle book on audible Becoming and now reflecting listening to my favourite podcast My favourite murder. Do I have the coronavirus? Has covid finally found me?

I am currently shielding as a precaution as I have come closest to covid virus since the outbreak and its scary. so I’ve been working on the Halloween crafts coming for the spook-taluar week.

So how has covid come to you?

My friends work colluege has tested positvie. Easy as that. they work in the same building and we hung out, even though its unlikely we have it we still have to quaratine and hope for the best. The reviews of covid if thats what you want to call it are moxed/ some saying its a cold others saying it was the worse expirance of their lives. Others die. I am scared. How do i know how my body is going to react to this thing?

Morons don’t help

Morons are not helping! all the protest about keeping things open, not wearing protective clothing, not wanting to social distance! Its moronic and stupid. This thing would go away if people just followed simple rules. Life could be easier for a lot of people if everyone just wore a mask, sanitized and social distanced appropriately. Morons are spoiling it for the rest of us. Even people I love are being stupid! Do you need a baby shower? Why do you need to have that house party? Do you honestly have to travel that far for that? WHY?

Other than Covid

Yesterday was the wave of light for Baby loss. It was emotional. its a week today that Harry was born. I like to think I’m doing ok but this time of year is hard. I thought it wouldn’t be as hard as it is proving to be and I feel so mixed up I don’t know what to do about it. I’m angry still even now that he died. It’s maddening people still won’t acknowledge something as common as this. Would lockdown and covid have been more barable or worse with a 6 month old? I say I dont want a baby anymore and I#’m okay waiting but in truth I’m nt. I’m just so scared to go through all this hurt and heartbreak over and over.

I can honestly take my hat off to women that do this or have been through this seven, eight, twenty times. I don’t fell brave enough. I’m not strong enough. Too afraid of the pain. Another couple of years.

covid baby loss awareness

Working from home because you know covid…

Covid has opened the posiblilty of my work allowing me to work from home for now on. I have mixed feelings as I like leaving the house to go to work. Its distance from James and Rowan that is needed in a healthy relationship. Why do some people NEED to be with their significant others ALL THE TIME! Just no.

If this happens and I can work from home, I will have a new blogging schedule and a few new projects I can work on. I can’t wait to share with you but I also have the oppertunity to work on me.

The Mum plan

The mum plan is my time! My time for ME! I have given enought of my life to commit to tohers but now It’s my turn. I have three main goals.

  1. Health- Including fitness, weight loss, mental health and health with the help of my iwatch, motivation and will power. (saying that I missed a boxing class this evening as was crafting, oops)
  2. Business- to finally get my busness up and established, start promoting posts and blogging and avertising. To get our YouTube up and running and maybe just maybe a podcast. We’ll see right but small steps! lets do this!
  3. Making our House a home- says it all in the title.
  4. I know I said 3 but this is important- DO NOT GET COVID!

Vision board!

I am working on my vison board this week (watch out for the post) and setting relaistic goals to work on. Already some are getting there. Organisation was key and still is. Broadening horizons and time managment. Finding motivation and keep going even wit mental health trying to drag you down?

Would you like me to post about this stuff? Should I share? Give tips?

Next week….

Its the count down for Harry’s spooky spectacular Halloween craft week! Don’t let covid spoil your fun, make some of the up coming projects, decorate your home, have a little fun and have a scary movie marathon with a bucket of sweets and toffee apples.

And its also my fund raiser event! My hair is finally getting the chop for Tommy’s baby charity! So far I have raised £180! My next week journal I will make sure to post a load of photos so you can see, and their will be a special memorial post to Harry.

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