Owls! My friends favourite animal on the planet! Luckily where we live we can regularly see owls flying around wild and free. They are beautiful. Harry Potter made these creatures popular with his own famous snowy owl Hedwig. Who wouldn’t want an owl?

Autumn and owls go together perfectly. Who remembers the autumn scene in the Disney movie Bambi with Owl? Who has seen an image of a beautiful barn own perched on and bare tree with a huge harvest moon behind it.

Real owls

Last year we were fortunate enough to meet some real life owls on a day out to Lincoln. It was a charity raising awareness and had brought his friendliest feathered friends along. I loved it. It was amazing to see the sizes of the different breeds and having an opportunity to get up close to these wonderful birds. In their honour, here are some fun feathered friend autumn crafts!

Pinecone owl

Lets kick off our Owl crafts with these adorable pine cone owls! Rowan and I took an autumn walk not to long ago. Its one of our favourite things to do! crunching over leaves and kicking them up, throwing them in the air, all the different colours. On our walk we found some pinecones!

‘Can we make something with these?’ Of course we can! Collecting pinecones and conkers and some other bits for autumns pictures, painting and projects!


What do we need?

owl crafts
  • Pine cones! If you can’t find them out in the wild you can buy them in craft stores.
  • Felt of all colours
  • google eyes
  • PVA and hot glue
  • string and a branch if you want to make a wall hanging

Lets craft!

  1. On your felt sketch out wings, a face, eye brows and other features of your owl.
owl fearures

2. Assemble them and add any features you like. I added spots and beaks. On the faces glue down the eyes.


3. Once happy with how they look, using PVA glue the pieces together.


Owl toes!

4. To make the pipe cleaner feet, twist and bend the pipe cleaner over into a tick shape.

owl toes

Bend the pipe cleaner back again into a back to front ‘N’

owl toes

Using the long end twist it around the base of the ‘N’ so it looks like it does below. These are your owls toes.

owl toes

Snip the loop and bend toes into shape.

5. Hot glue the feet to the base of the pine cone

owl toes

6. Hot glue your features to your pinecone. Hot glue works best as its stronger and dries quicker meaning the features won’t slide off.

owl features

7. If you want to make them into a wall hanging, glue the owls to a tree branch and secure a long length of string at either end. Hang on the wall!

How cute are they! If you’re feeling brave enough how about making other woodland animals like foxes, badgers and hedgehogs?

pinecone owl

Loo roll owl

Cute and easy to make! Use up some scrap paper and make a little desk buddy!

loo roll owl

You will need!

  • Scrap paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • loo rolls
  • pencil

Let’s Craft!

  1. Take your loo roll and wrap your base colour around it, gluing the end to keep it in place. You can paint this too if you choose. Don’t worry if the paper is too long for the tube, we’ll come to that next.

2. Snip the excess paper as shown and fold over into the tube and secure with glue or tape. this gives the tube a neat finish.

3. It should look like this! Now lets give this guy some features!

4. Pinch the top of you loo roll in the middle and carefully tuck it inside the tube. If it comes lose a lot, use a small piece of tape to help it hold shape! these are your owls ears!


5. Draw and cut out some circles from scrap paper and layer them onto your owl. This gives a feathered effect!

6. Draw and cut out two large circles for your owls eyes! This can be on white or yellow paper.

7. Cut out two smaller black circles for your owls pupils and using a glue stick, glue into place!

8. Using orange or yellow paper, cut out a diamond for your owls beak and glue between the two eyes as shown TIP glue the beak from the back of the eyes, this makes the owls eyes look bigger than they are.

9. On another piece if scrap paper, draw out wings for your owl and cut them out and glue to ither side of your owl.

Owl ideas

There we have it!, this cute baby owl buddy for any desk or book shelf. You could make an owl family and use them as finger puppets and maybe recreate one of my favourite children’s books Owl babies. How about making different types of owls, white snowy owls and large eagle owls? Or make owl pets and store secret messages inside him!

loo roll owl

Paper plate Owl

Out of all our Owl makes I’ve kept this guy in my craft room above my calendar. I Just love him and how simple he was to make.

plate owl

what do you need?

  • paper plates X2
  • Brown paint
  • Scissors
  • tape
  • scrap paper
  • glue stick
  • pencil

Lets craft!

  1. Take a paper plate, with a pencil sketch some ears for your owl ontothe rim of the plate.

2. Cut them out and round the ears so they look natural buy curving the cutting in a circle of the plate.

3. Draw two large circles and cut them out. Repeat this step on white and black paper making the circles smaller. These will be your owls eyes!

4. Glue them together and set them aside to dry.

5. Cut out a triangle for your owls beak and set aside with the eyes.

6. Take your second paper plate and fold it in half.

7. Open the plate out and cut along the fold line. There are your wings!

8. Paint your owls body and wings brown or any colour of your choosing. Tip If you don’t have brown paint mix red, blue and yellow (the primary colours) together to make brown.

9. Assemble your owl by taping the wings on from the back of the body paper plate once the paint has dried!

10. Glue on his features!

plate owl


Using different sized paper plates you could make different types of owls! Or you could use a collage method and tissue paper instead of glue and give your owls a 3D affect feathers! Be creative and make them bright, tropical colours, Invent your own owls and put them in your bedroom to watch over you!

plate owl

If you loved these!

owl family

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