Halloween is coming and so is Harry’s Crafty Cow spook-taclar week of scares, monster makes and creepy crafts! Love Halloween? Well over the next week starting the 26th October, I will be posting my favourite selection of monster makes to bring you a very haunted Halloween! What to expect? Well here’s a sneaky extra make to kick off the week! A Wicked Witch wall hanging!


What do I need to conjure a witch?

  • A paper plate
  • Black tissue paper
  • other coloured tissue paper for hair and hat rim (your choice)
  • Green paint
  • A paint brush
  • A black felt tip pen or sharpie marker
  • A glue stick
  • Scissors
  • White paper or card
  • black paper


  1. Paint your paper plate that gross green or any other witchy colour you love! Orange would look very witchy!

2. While your plate is drying we’ll work on our witch hat. Take the black paper and cut out a witch hat shape as shown below.


3. Grab the tissue paper you chose for hair and cut into long strips.

4. On the back of the hat glue the hair to the hat, making sure to leave a parting of the hair so the witch can peek through at you!


5. Add a colour rim to your hat to give it more detailed.


6. Set aside the hat to dry. Take your black tissue paper and as before cut them into strips. This will be your witch cloak.


7. If your plate is dry, turn it over and glue the strips to the bottom as shown.


8. Turn the plate over and glue the hat to the plate.

9. On the white paper draw around something with a circular base or draw a circle. This will be your witch eyes.

10. Cut out the circles, and glue to your plate. Draw on a face and add pupils.

11. Add a bit of string or wall to the tip of the hat so can be hung up.

A spooky preview

Do you like the witch wall hanger? Are you thirsty for more?

Here’s a sneaky peek at some of the ghastly crafts coming over the next week of posts! Have a horrible half term getting messy with the monsters! Crafts and creations for every ghoul.

Starting Monday!


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