Halloween is coming! As part of my countdown to all things creepy, this week I am bringing you the best crafts to decorate and entertain your little monsters in a lockdown Halloween situation. We’re kicking off with spooky spiders!

Spooky spiders

I am one of the rare people who isn’t bothered by spiders. I find them fascinating creatures. once upon a time I used to look after the school tarantulas. My best friend forever on the other hand freaks out majorly if a picture of one is near by. (Meeting Aragog at Harry Potter studios was interesting!)

Its only fitting that we kick off with people’s biggest fears! Don’t worry, these are friendly and won’t crawl I your ears at night!

Pom and pipe spiders

These cute little guys are not scary and make really cute decorations for around the house or to add to a little monsters costume!

spooky spiders

What will you need

spooky spiders
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Hot glue
  • pom poms (two different sizes)
  • google eyes

Lets make some spooky spiders!

  1. first lets make some little bodies and heads! Arrange your bodies and glue on the heads with hot glue.
spooky spiders

2. Glue on some google eyes!

spooky spiders

3. Lets make some legs! Cut two lenghts of pipe cleaner making sure they’re the same size. Fold them in half and twist the folded ends together. All the loose ends are now hos legs. Do this again to make the 8 spindly legs.

spooky spiders

4. Hot glue the legs to the bottom of your spiders body careful not to burn your fingers)

spooky spiders

And there you have it! ho easy and cute are these little guys! I’ve actually kept one as a desk buddy. His name is Hamlet. Can you guess why?

spooky spiders

HALLOWEEN FACT: The most lit jack o’lanterns on display was 30,581!! This was in the City of Keene, New Hampshire in 2013!

Spooky spiders webs!

Rowan really enjoyed making these as did I. They’re simple and look really good on the wall and you can do this in any colours. You can add your pom pom spiders to these or do as we did and glue some little plastic spiders in them. They look more realistic.

What will I need!

  • paper plates
  • wool
  • hole punch
  • plastic spiders

Lets get crafting spooky spiders webs!

  1. Lets start by making some holes to thread your wool! Take your paper plate and hole punch evenly (if can) around the edge of the plate.

2. It should look like this when you’ve done. If you want to do more holes go for it!

3. Take your wool and make a small knot in one of the holes to secure your webbing.

4. Now the fun bit! weave the wool on and out of the holes, crossing over the centre to create a web effect. Do this as much as you like to your happy with it. Leave the end of the wool long , we’ll use this in a moment.

5. On the loose end, hot glue a spider to make it look like his hanging down on his webbing.

6. Glue some plastic spiders into the web.

There you go! Add some blue tack and hang on the wall. Kids will love this fun spooky activity.

Did you know? Halloween started as a pre-Christian Celtic festival called Samhain (which means “summer’s end”) It was celebrated near the 1st November or the the final day of the harvest. This included the crossing over of spirits into the other world. It is believed that people in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Northern France would ward off ghosts and spirits by lighting sacrificial bonfires, and wearing costumes!

Spooky spiders paper pattern webs

For our final spooky spider post, We’re going to make some folded spooky spiders webs. Get the scrap paper out and get folding and make unique paper webs for your windows and walls!

All you need is

  • paper
  • scissors
  • a pencil

Lets get snipping!

  1. This will be easier with the help of the photos as explaining the method can get confusing. Start with your A4 paper landscape way and fold the top corner down to make a triangle as shown.

2. Trim off that rectangle excess. we don’t need this bit!

3. open out and you should have a diamond with a fold line directly down the centre.

4. Fold the paper ud again to make the triangle.

5. from here fold the triangle in half making a right angle triangle.

6. Fold the triangle again in half, bringing the top angel down to meet the bottom angel.

7. You should have something that looks like this.

8. Taking the top point, fold the triangle again as shown below.

9. Trim off the excess again as shown below.

10. you should end up with this!

11. Taking a pencil, draw out where you want your web rungs to be. Don’t forget to curve them slightly to give a web effect.

11. Repeat this down your folded web till you have something that looks like this.

12. Unfold your web carefully and hang in a spooky place.

I really enjoyed making these. It brought back memories of making snow flakes at school. Rowan liked these too, we’ve make alot now and decorated our living room windows with them!

Ha-Ha Halloween!

Q: What did the spider say to the fly on Halloween?
A: The web is the trick and you are the Treat!

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