Good morning! Welcome back to Harry’s Crafty Cow Spooky countdown to Halloween! So far we’ve made a Wicked witch wall hanger, Some spooky spiders and you’ve cried for your mummy with some mummy makes. Today we’re focusing on ghastly garlands to hang in your home and paper pumpkins as some décor. Lets kick off with a ‘spooky’ simple garland. Get your little monsters messy and make some memories.

Spooky Garlands – What will you need?

  • Black paper
  • Halloween themed paper (or a colour of your choice)
  • Pom-poms
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • PVA glue
  • Template

Lets make ghastly garlands!

  1. Print out the FREE template below and cut it out!

2. Take your A4 sized black paper and fold it into quarters.


3. Line up the template with the quarters and cut out carefully.


Don’t forget to cut along the folds of the paper along the top. This will make you 4 panels. Repeat to make as many as you will need for the amount of garlands you are making. This spooky garland needs 6 panels.

4. You should end up with this! Now is a good time to think about how you want to decorate these!

5. Pick out some spooky Halloween themed paper. If you cant get this, use Halloween colours, Orange, reds, purples or even white. be creative and make it your own.


6. If using themed paper with a blank side on the back. turn it over and sketch out the letters you need. If you are doing ‘Spooky’ Leave the ‘O”s we’ll be working on these shortly. Remember if you’ve turned the paper over the letters will be back to front. If you’re not confident with this lightly sketch the letters on the patterned side in pencil. you can rub the lines out later with an earser.


7. Cut out the letters!


8. On a plain piece of paper draw a couple of ghosts! These will be the missing ‘O’s in ‘Spooky’. Cut these out. Now lets assemble our garland!

Assembling the garland

9. Glue the letters and ghosts onto the panels you made earlier.

10. Decorate your panels how you wish! (see below for more ideas)

11. Measure a length of ribbon you require. Turn your panels over and PVA the ribbon to the panel tops. Evenly space out the panels along the ribbon. Leave the garland to fully dry before hanging.


Hang where you want and admire your work! Good Job. for more ideas fr these garlands see below!

More ideas for the ghastly garlands

Want some more ideas to decorate your ghastly garland? here’s a few!

  • Draw cobwebs on the panels with silver pen!
  • Glue on or hang some plastic spiders or bats between the panels.
  • Use different colour panels
  • try other works! Halloween, Tick or Treat, Creepy, Ghostly. There are so many you can do!
  • Instead of cutting out letters, use runny red paint and let drip down (this looks likes dripping blood)

Ghostly garland

Out of the garlands, the ghosts have to be my favourite. They are cute, very easy to make and look amazing when hung in the house. They only need 3 crafting materials and don’t take long to make!

What will you need for the ghost garland?

  • A egg carton- Card or plastic, if using plastic be careful when cutting out, plastic can be sharp
  • White tissue paper
  • google eyes
  • wool
  • glue stick

Lets craft a ghost garland!

  1. Begin by cutting up the egg carton. Each cup is a ghost. Cut out as many as you require.

2. Roughly tear your tissue paper in to a square shape, if you want to use scissors and have neat ghosts, you can. Once done, glue the egg cup and position in the middle of the square.


3. Drape the tissue paper over the cup hiding it from view. it should look like this!


4. Add your google eyes to your ghosts.


5. Taking your wool, string or ribbon (or even invisible thread) take the tops of the ghosts to the line.


Now hand these ghoulish ghost garlands around your home! How cute are they! Watch them flutter in the breeze.

Paper pumpkins

Get the kids working on these cute paper pumpkins! You can hang them on a garland, or display them around=d the home, you can pop in an an battery operated tea light and make them all sizes!


You will need:

  • Pumpkin coloured paper (orange, green, red, yellow)
  • Green paper for the sprout leaves
  • Crinkle scissors or normal
  • glue or double sided tape. ( I used tape as found it was stronger)

Lets Harvest some pumpkins!

  1. cut your orange paper into strips using the crinkle craft scissors or normal ones. (You can buy crinkle craft scissors here– they’re great for scrap booking and come in loads of different styles)
  2. Arrange them into a star pattern.

3. Loop the strips around the others and secure the ends with double sided tape as shown below. Repeat with all the strips.

4. Secure all the ends together, this is the base of you pumpkin. It should look like this!

5. Cut out some leaves and attach to the top of the pumpkin!

How’s the home looking? Scary enough? More crafts still to come everyday this week!


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