Witches and wizards beware! We’re in for a scare!

Double, double, toil and trouble;

Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Let’s get our witch on and cast some spells with these spell binding crafts! I remember every single year that our family did Halloween I was a witch. I have no idea what that says about me but I loved being a witch!

Witches rule!

The long fingers and nails, the creepy cape and flying on my broom! Mostly putting a hex on my brother was always fun! Dresses in my finest bin bag cloak I cackle my way around the neighbour hood, black cat toy under my arm, casting spells as I rocked about in my stripy socks. Oh how I wish I could do that now—Who knows I might just do that!

Hocus Pocus- Witches rule!

My obsession with witches became greater when I saw the famous sisters from the Hocus Pocus movie. Oh I loved it and still do now! We watch the movie every Halloween without fail. It makes me so happy.! I just love Binx the cat!

You’re a witch Marie…

It wasn’t till my late teens when I discovered the wizarding world of Harry potter and the magic that it held. I am now the biggest potter fan out my friends. I am a proud Gryffindor, I read and listen to the books all the time! We go to the studios every year and I have so much potter merch! A Hedwig teddy who lives full time on my desk and also recently my own Albus Dumblebear , a Build a bear teddy was added to my collection.

It only seems fitting that today is all about my sisters!

Creepy Cauldrons! A witches Brew!


This paper craft is really easy and a lot of fun! Rowan and I experimented with different painting methods to achieve that bubbling potion affect! This craft is perfect for the little goblins in your life (especially if they like to get their hands messy and finger paint!) Get your paper, paint at the ready and lets get messy!

What will I need?

Well my little witches and wizards you will need the following

  • Black paper or card
  • white paper or card
  • Scissors
  • A glue stick
  • Paints, acrylic or water colours work well
  • Glitter!
  • FREE Cauldron template!

Lets get messy!

  1. Print out the FREE template or draw a caldron shape on to your black card or paper. Cut out the centre so we can fill your pot with your witches potion!

2. Get your paints out! Pick witch-y or Halloween shades or what you think makes a good potion colour! Mix colours and shades to get the perfect brewed blend!


3. Now on your white card Paint! We tried various methods to paint all resulting very differently. First we tried paint dipped in cotton wool pads and balls, dabbing the paint on the paper.


We blended the colours by dabbing and brushing them together.


This resulted in a nice washy looking blend.


4. Next we tried water washing the paper and brushing paint on top! It got very wet so be sure to dab off any excess or the paper will be too wet and tear.


This is a good way to mimic water colour paining and the colours bleed nicely into each other.


5. Rowans favoriute method was the sponge painting. Dabbing random colours everywhere and mixing as he went.

This makes a firey bubbly looking brew!


6. I tried the water colour affect with my water colours. Theses are my Winsor and Newton paints that are well used and loved!


7. When the paint is still wet sprinkle on some glitter or use a glue stick to glue some down. Leave to dry.


8. Glue down your cauldron on top of your dry painting and cut off the excess.


What did you put in your cauldron?

A feline friend for a witch or wizard


A feline wall hanger to guard the home from evil spirits or assit you in your spell casting ways.

Famous witches cats!

I love a witches cat! they are some of the most loved characters in literature, TV and in movies. A few favourites I can name of the top of my head being:

  • Thackery Bink Hocus Pocus
  • Salem Sabrina the teenage witch
  • Tabby The worse Witch
  • Jiji Kiki’s delivery service
  • Cosmic Creepers Bedknobs and Broomsticks
  • Crookshanks Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

What do we need to make our own Witches cat!

  • Cardboard or card or black
  • Paper plate
  • Black paint
  • Pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • Felt
  • double sided tape
  • PVA

Lets Cat craft!

  1. Take your paper plate and cut out the centre.

2. Using the cut out centre draw around it on a piece of cardboard.

3. Sketch on some ears, this is your cats head!

4. Cut out your witches cats head.

5. On another piece of card, sketch oput two kitty paws! Cut these out too!

6. Draw a fluffy tail for your cat on cardboard and cut this out!

7. Taking a small square of pink felt, fold it in half and cut a triangle using the centre fold as a straight edge.

8. This is your cats nose! trim this down if you’re not happy with the size, you can also round off the edges if you wish.

9. On felt or green/yellow card, draw a cats eye shape. cut this out and use as a template to make a second!

10. Whiskers time. Fold a pipe cleaner into a ‘N’ shape.

Using the longer end, wrap the end around the others closest to it to hold them together as shown.

Snip the loop and separate the others to create the whiskers! Repeat this again for another set of whiskers.

11. Now we have all our pieces, Paint your card and plate black. This may need a couple of coats and leave them to dry!

12. Using a glue stick and hot glue, assemble the cats face. Use a black pen to give your cat pupils.

13. Using Double sided tape, stick your cats legs to the paper plate. Do the same with the head and tail!

Hang him in a place where he can silently watch the wold pass! Isn’t he cute! I may have to recruit him to live permeate residence in my craft room!

Complete the witch look:

  • Make a wand with a stick and add patterns using clay, play dough or other colourful wool, string or ribbon!
  • Make a spell book and create some spells to cast on friends and family.
  • Add a cape to the look by cutting a plastic bin bag in half and decorating with paper stars, glitter, and other things magical!
  • Make a paper hat and decorate with creepy spiders or vampire bats!

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