Happy Halloween! Are you haunted with all the creepy crafts we’ve been making? Not yet? Hmm…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week as much as I have! What have you made? What has been your favourite? My top three have to be the witches spell book, the tricky cupcakes and this make we’re going to do now!

Our Halloween plans!

We’re getting ready for our evening Halloween party. We’re all dressing up. Rowan wants to be a wizard, I’m going to be a witch and James- Well James wants to be James- I guess his scary enough! We’re got popcorn in and some sweet treats. Mummy biscuits and the tricky treat cupcakes. We have our spell books and have a movie selection waiting to be watched!

Our favourite Halloween movies!

In reverse order!

10. Monster house

9. The corspe bride

8. Frankenweenie

7. The curse of the were-rabbit

6. Hotel Transylvania

5. Ghostbusters!

4. Casper

3. The nightmare before Christmas

2. Halloweentown (all movies)

  1. Hocus Pocus!

How many have you seen?

Are you ready?

Are you ready for for the final make? It’s a big one!

A haunted castle!

Yep thats right! We’re making a haunted castle! You may have got this from the photos above but never mind! I saw this picture on pintrest and I had to make it and make it my own.

This castle makes a great centre piece to a creepy table or a window display. Its easy to make and customisable!

What will you need:

  • 10 loo roll tubes or 9 and a kitchen roll tube
  • cardboard
  • tissue paper
  • black paint
  • green paint
  • a sharpie
  • black paper
  • a sharp pencil
  • scissors
  • double sided tape
  • masking tape
  • a split pin
  • green wool
  • green paper
  • battery tea lights
  • A silver sharpie

Lets make a haunted castle!

  1. Make your base to begin. line up 5 line up (although 4 is pictured- I didn’t notice for a while) and draw around them.

2. Draw a base around the tube outlines.


3. Cut it out! now we have a base to work with!


4. Draw windows on each of the end loo roll tubes these will be your towers. Puncture a hole with a sharp pencil and cut them out.


5. Secure the tubes together either with double sided tape of masking tape. Double sided works best but masking tape works as you can paint over the top of it.

6. Draw around the tubes again to make a second layer. and cut it out. This will sit and support your top layers.

7. For the upper level masking tape two loo rolls together or tape the from the inside. Double side tape two loo rolls either side to create the formation below.

8. Make windows as before in all three of the too tier towers.

TIP if you manage to cut one window out fully in good shape you could use this as a template for the rest of the haunted castle windows.

when all the pieces are ready it should look like this! You have your haunted castle frame!

9. Paint all you pieces black. Some things may require two coats. Set aside to dry.

Let’s add some details to our haunted castle!

10. Lets make the top tower roof! Draw a large circle on a piece of black paper and cut it out.

11. Fold your circle into quarters and cut along one quarter line to the centre.

12. Form a cone shape using a loo roll as reference to how wide the cone needs to be. Once happy glue it to place.

13. To make a door, on a scrap piece of card draw a rounded ‘n’ shape and cut it out.

14. Using a sharp pencil to puncture a hole into the card, decorate with a split pin to create a door handle. If the ends off the split pin are visible, bend them back on its self , these will be glued down.

15. Use a sharpie to add detail to the door and glue it to the castle.

16. When your towers (unlike mine) are fully dry, glue coloured tissue paper into place. Its easier to use PVA and a glue spread, or if you like your fingers would do the trick. Repeat in all windows bar the tallest tower.

17. To make a vine to wrap around your haunted castle, dip green wool into PVA and wrap it around your top tower. Hold it into place with bulldog clips, set aside till its dry!

18. Using a leaf paper punch (you can buy these at good hobby or craft stores) cut out some leaves from green paper. If you don’t have a punch you could hand draw and cut them out, or use leaf shape confetti or even cut leaves out of felt.

19. Glue your leave on the vines, you can use as little or many as you like.

To Finish your haunted castle

20. Using the last loo roll make the a pattern as shown below.

21. Paint both sides black and leave it to dry.

22. Use double sided tape to secure the torrents to the towers.

23. make sure you press the taped areas to make sure its stuck well.

24. Use a silver sharpie and do some detailing. Add brick outlines and windowsills.

25. Now that all is finished, pop in the tealights. You want two at the bottom where the windows are and two in the towers on the second layer. In the tall tower pop in a Halloween figure or make a ghost or silhouette. You can also tissue paper this window too if you wish.

Your finished haunted castle

Display in a window or in your living room, turn off the lights and enjoy the glow.

If you’ve tried this make…

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