Hello herd members, it feels like its been along time since I write a journal post. With all these Halloween posts flying out I guess it has been a while! Its been a week since my fundraiser and this week a lot has happened. Shall we we put the kettle on make a cuppa and have a good natter.

Harry’s Fundraiser

Lets begin here. The anniversary of Harrys death came up quiet quickly. I thought it would be really hard but with the fundraiser my mind was elsewhere trying to get as much cash for sponsors as possible that the heavy gloomy weight of the day didn’t really effect me. I had a goal in mind and that was at first to raise £250. Once we hit that goal I said £300 so my mind wasn’t in that hospital bed feeling utterly like a disappointment.

How did you feel?

Through out the morning leading up to the fundraiser I was mostly excited. I was doing something that would benefit someone in some way. I could have said some babies lives even though Harry couldn’t be saved. ore people were asking about Tommy’s and why them, I told our story and Tommy’s story which alone was a bigger impact than the actual money. These things happen but no one talks about it.


How did it go?

It went really well. I had the support of hundreds of people, my friends, my family and I just wanted to do it now. The wait to 1pm was long!

James was in control of the clippers, much to my horror, I really wanted Becky but Covid had other ideas. My friend Vicky stood in as camera women and James was in charge. He did a good job although there were a couple of nervous moments involving the kitchen scissors!


Do you regret shaving your head?

No. I was limited on fundraiser ideas due to the pandemic but I really wanted to do something, anything to help Tommy’s. I took to researching and made a realistic list of things I could do. Next year I may do a 24 hour game-a-ton with James. We shall have to see what next year brings!


What did people think?

A lot of people are proud of me and how I’ve handled this year and my feelings. They think the haircut suits me (!) and that I did a good thing. I have to agree. It’s hair at the end of the day. As I write this its been a week and has already but I can notice!

What most surprised you about the fundraiser?

The many colours of my hair! I mean look at it!


Are you cold?

Very. woolly hats are out and its ok! The fundraiser was successful!


And it was all in memory of our little boy. I really hope we did him proud.

How much did your fundraiser make?

Post fundraiser

Well the rest of my week hasn’t been as exciting or fun. Its been half term and I’ve spent it battling our ‘brat’, In lose terms his been awful. I don’t know what it is about half term that makes him an arsehole but he really done become one. Attitude, backchat, not listening. Monday he was so awful i think he spent the entire day in his bed.

Other news

As of yesterday, I lost my job. I am devastated. Even though it wasn’t that good and not the best thing out there, I really enjoyed it. So now opens a new chapter in my life book.

I watched the Michelle Obama documentary on Netflix yesterday after the book inspired me so much in hope it would do it again and it really did. What an incredible inspiring woman. I will be making a plan to put into action for next year or- why wait-NOW!

I really enjoyed the fundriaser and want to do more in the future and I do have ideas of what I want to do with my life next yesr, pandemic permitting. One thing that won’t change though is this blog!


Well today I want to get on the ball and catch up with blog posts and University work. I want to have a plan in place for what my next steps are going to be and how I am going to spend my next few weeks on unemployment.

Its also going to be a chill day. One with friends and family and a bit of fun. Becky’s come over to watch he Ted Bundy movie as we’re both that little bit obsessed with Murders! And we’ve wanted to watch this a while. Thats the plan anyway, but as we all know, life can take any direction at any moment.

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