Cleaning has become my therapy. Back in lockdown, back being bored! The house has been neglected to say the very least so this week I have spent this time off just cleaning it.

Mrs Hinch

I love Mrs Hinch. I’ve read her books and been a follower of hers since the early 100’s of followers. Watching Sophie Hinch encouraged me to take cleaning seriously. I mean I pay for this house, Why shouldn’t I make it look loved and clean?

Decluttering cleaning session

I had a huge clear out too. It was needed. We go rid of so much stuff! I started this before lockdown part 1 but that closed everything. When it all opened up, no one wanted to take anything in fear of contamination. Well thank you massively to the butterfly hospice who took everything off our hands before this lockdown, I mean it was a lot! Clothes, shoes, books, toys, dvds, everything thats been cluttering our home for the year. Its refreshing to have the empty space where things have sat for months.

Weird week

Other than cleaning its been a weird week. Spending half the week with Vicky and her new switch playing animal crossing and giving the house TLC to the other half of being family counsellor to my brother and his alcoholism.

My brother has been an alcholic for a good ten years now. His not a bad person. Alcolicism doesnt make you a bad person, he just relies on drink to make him feel better and get through tough times which his had plenty of. He deont want to drink anymore. He came to me and my mum this week fed up of his life, clearly depressed and needing the help.

The plan

I’m here to give him the help. We listened and I’ve got him on an appointment with a doctor to help him stop drinking. He is now alcohol reliant, meaning his body needs the alcohol to get through the day as the side effects can be scary rough. I have every faith in him he can do this. The first step was seeing the issue and admitting he needed help. Its not just that he WANTS to stop so he knows what decisions to make when needed. I guess him helping him by cleaning up his actions? Bad joke I know.

Bonfire night

Yesterday was bonfire night! How boring was it? Our plans were ate hot dogs and burgers from paper plates, opened the windows so it was cold, snuggled under a blanket and watched YouTube firework displays. It really sucks not having a garden sometimes but Rowan had fun. Check out our bonfire crafts here.


Island cleaning

Finally this week I have been island cleaning on Animal Crossing. I have a brand new Island on one switch and on my original game, I decided to strip the island down and rebuild the entire thing. A massive job but that my down time.

Erm…More cleaning puns?

To be honest I really don’t have anything else to tell you. Its been a weird week, one of trying to feel happier at home by cleaning to my fingers hurt which worked, Helping my brother, getting some unemployment down time and just trying to make good out of a meh situation.

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