Hey all, How’s it going? I’ve not long got back from a so ial distance wa;l with my beast friend Becky and we’ve been disscuting visiion boards and our home work to make one this weekend.

I’ve wanted to make a cision board for ages now but have put it off fr ages now because Why? No reason. I’ve noticed more and more over the last week and a bit how self deficating I am towards myself and that my motivation in life has just died over the passed year.

A 2019 Vision

My start to 2019 was amazing. It was all going well for me, university, work and I was so happy. I was motivated, planning a wedding, losing weight (Late year I lost 4 stone!) and we were officially trying for a baby. I looked good! Felt good. My best friend was happy. Life felt pretty together and I was excited. It got even better when I finally git those two blue lines.

My slimming world awards

As soon as we got those blue lines I had this wonderful vision of our baby boy arriving and having this amazing family life where I commit every second to raising my child and making as many memories as possible. Obviously as you know it didn’t work out that way. That when I lost my vision and motivation.

A New vision

I need to sort my life out. I need a focus, I need something to work on and motivate myself to do what i did before. Lockdown has become a big excuse recently. It shouldn’t be! It cant stop us doing things realistically if we want to do them so bad! Like lose weight, Like doing our dream jobs! Whu should it be an issure!

My vision board

After long discussions with Becky I have a fair idea of what i want on my vision board, goals to aim for NOW not next year, why wait? What do I want to aim for in the next year, house, work, relationships? Do i want to get married, try for a baby again?

What is a vision board?

for those wondering, a vision board is basically a sacred place to display everything you want. The power of visualization works! Have a look online there are thousands of stories of it, if you don’t believe it thats ok!

A vision board simply shows what you want and how you want to feel. The belief is the more you concentrate on how you want to feel it will come true. Now I’ve never had a vision board before, I know people who have made them and it worked, they ended their year being well travelled, engaged with a baby on the way and funny enough they were sll on his board. His career in photography took off as he wished and life seems pretty good for him!

I just want to be happy…

Overall I do just want to put myself first for once and look after me. I am helping my brother with his alcohol at the moment but I’m just supporting him when he needs it. I need to put me fist for once and to look at life, make decisions. So this is what my next week is going to be about. Rediscovering myself, Ignoring that angry bitter voice and letting my true self come out to play.

I want to fill this book with our memories

Things to work on: (ideas for you?)

  • Art and crafts
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Health (fitness and weight)
  • Career (have one in place or decide what you want to do!)
  • Family life (relationships, expanding, building and changing)
  • Material items- car, house, pet, phone, etc.

The possibilities are pretty much endless as long as it reflects you! Later in the week I’ll share my board and how I plan to make a go of this. Maybe we can all do it together and support each other?

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