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Welcome to Loving it! My page devoted to all the fun things I just love this month or have been loving recently! My tastes are very erratic so be warned your in for many surprises!

August is here and I’m Loving it!

Happy August 1st everyone and here’s to our very first loving it post! Let’s jump in!

Tattoo Fixers (Adults Only)

This British show aired originally on E4 but is now available on Netflix and I have to say I am hooked. Its not just obsessively looking at people’s poor choices of tats but I do honestly enjoy and fascinate over the tattooist’s artwork, it is phenomenal how they can turn something so poor into something new and rich and beautiful. I love the part in the episode when the tattooists sit in front of the client and draw their designs. Each tattooist has a unique perspective and I just love seeing the creativity and then finally seeing the artwork in detail on the persons skin. Its totally inspired some of my more recent artwork and the idea for my new tattoo! Watch this space!

Podcast Fun! Julies Library

When the weekend rolls around after a long week at work, Rowan and I love nothing more than a crafting session! Usually we listen to music till I heard about this! Julie’s Library is a children’s podcast presented by Julie Andrews herself and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton. Its cute, fun and educational for kids. I really enjoy listening to the stories read by Julie herself or her daughter or a guest. Not only is this podcast fun and entertaining, it promotes reading, words and shines a light on differences in cultures but explains that its ok, some people like this and others don’t. I love hearing from the children listeners and just think the podcast should he heard by children everywhere! We love it!

Creative Gaming! Animal crossing New Horizons Summer updates

I am still very much in love with my island life on Animal crossing New Horizons. The game has been a huge success and I’m yet to get bored of all the island activities. The game over the last few weeks had released free summer updates which have included swimming and diving, summer activities and more recently walking in dreams (visiting islands from around the world) and firework displays! I love animal crossing for its simplicity, cute animal characters and the ability to express yourself creativity by customizing your island. I’m excited out the dream waling aspect as you will be able to see other people’s creativity anonymously and gain inspiration from other peoples work! I’m so loving it!

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Magical family fun! Disney Family Sundays

Rowan and I have been huge fans of this since the day we got Disney+ and we’re still loving it! Disney Family Sundays in a mini crafting show that teaches you to make Disney themed crafts with your family! Each episode is from a different movie and includes all your favourite Disney character! There is nothing more inspiring to sit and gather ideas for your day or crafting with your kids!

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