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Hello crafty cows and welcome to my notebook!

Today I decided I needed a little patch on this void of my own and started an online notebook. Mainly to do what I like best (other than crafting) That is wriitng or in this case an online journal. Not a lot of you know much about me. I want to share a little more about me, my life, my family, friends, adventures and weirdness.

Keeping a Journal is something I’ve done through out my life. From the early days of learning to write and plotting revenge on my brother to more recently observing the changes amongst us and how life once was. I love memory keeping! There is something special about it. Writing and recording thing to look back and have i thee wonderful memories to look back over and smile about.

What’s in the notebook?

My online notebook will be a kind of blend of scrapbook, notebook, journal and just a space of expression. I want to share my thoughts and fun! Might share some stories and poems I’m writing for university. Maybe I will share some future crafting ideas or just a family memory or story.

I want to share experiences and places we’ve been and the small ways which you too can memory keep. Also share my memory box with you and ways in which I like to memory keep. I want to share my journals (past and present) with you. And methods I use to make them as artistic as possible!

I’m so excited to share this with you! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I hope to share it! Hope you enjoy my online journal.

Make Mess! Make Memories

MJ x

memory jar

If you’re interested here’s some of my memory keeping crafts!

memory frames

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