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Here you will find all the latest on upcoming projects, shop information competitions and giveaways and much more!

July updates

This months news! This month has been busy in the process of getting this blog up and running and including everything you want on it all together. Considering this is the first ever website I’ve ever made, I am very proud of it and how its coming along! If there are any bugs or blips along the way I do apologise! Bear with me I will get them sorted!

Hello Etsy!

This week I have fianlly go around to adding my etsy page to the site! What a confuffle that was! You can find our shop here, or simply under the shop banner on the top menu of the page!

My shop is tiny at the moment, with a few small crafts I’ve enjoyed making and creating as I go. Look out for more regular updates and items being added, some may have been featured in a post!

More shop news next month.

Insta Milestone!

This month we hit our first insta followers milestone with 100 followers! Thank you all that support the page and our social medias. You can find our Instagram here if you haven’t followed it already. I share quick mini makes and other projects on there that you may not see on the site! Give us a follow!

When we reach 500 followers we aim to do a giveaway! check back for details when we hit that marker!

Bullet journal fans!

Coming soon!

I will be doing a series of posts and How to start bullet Journalling! Do you keep one and want to improve? looking for inspiration? Want to know what it is and why its become so popular? These posts are for you!

  • Which books work well
  • Bullet journal supplies
  • How to start!
  • What to track in your journal
  • Tips and Inspiration for you bullet journals

The Gallery

The gallery is now open for your viewing pleasure! Browse through some of our herd members beautiful creations, and find some inspiration for your next arts and crafts day!

Do you have some art work you wish to share? Have you crafted something or has your child drawn a picture they would love to see on our site? Send me a photo and your first name and your child’s age and I’ll be happy to add them to the Gallery.

Email me at

Subscription/Craft kits

More exciting news! I am currently in the process of planner and starting a craft based subscription box on my Etsy and site shop!

The adult craft sub box

This box is designed for adult crafters! This will be a monthly kit designed to complete a full craft from candle making to cross stitch to crotchet and cardmaking. The box will supply everything you need including glue, paints, wools, tools and materials. A full set of instructions will be included to help you complate your craft!

The stationary box

This planner, bullet journal and scrapbook helpful craft box will be filled with 5-8 items in a theme every month, from washi, to papers, pens and accessories!

Kids craft box

A box filled with crafts to keep the kids happy! this box will have everything in it to complete 3 different projects and supply all the materials and tools! Each box comes with a small extra plus a colouring sheet and fun instructions and an ideas bubble.

Children Craft kits

This will be on sale all the time on my Etsy, non subscription based. Each kit will allow a child to complete a full project. Each pack will contain everything needed to complete a project, some fun stickers and a colouring sheet.

These boxes at the moment are ideas which i hope to bring to life, they will to begin with be in limited supplies, so if your interested please check back here and in the email newsletters for updates!

I’m Loving it!

My new page starts in August! Sharing all my crafting favs and things you may want to check out! What crafty books are brimming with ideas? Which art product should you definitely try? What should I listen to in the art room? Which Craft site has an amazing range this month?

Sound good? I’m loving it will be live from August 1st.

What’s coming up in August?

A sneak peek of what next month brings to the blog!

  • Minecraft makes
  • Dolls!
  • Creative gaming
  • crafty book reviews
  • And more!
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